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rr Cy fSatan.rfirength. - 3', nipotentpower of God, this may ferue ás a ffrong reafon to fftrengthenour faith in the affurance of vióorie; efpeciallie confidering that theLord is notonly omnipotent inpower, but alfo in reípeaofhis will moflreadie to aide and fupport vs inall our confli s., For he bathpromifedvs, that we íhal not be tempted aboue ourpo*er,for heWilgiueagood iffuetothe a,Cor. io, I. temptation, though thebeginningandmiddle are dangerous andtroublefome,i, 3. He hath promifed, that ifwe will butrefill the diuell,wee (hall put him to flight,Iam.4.7. Iam.4.7. Though therefore inour felues weearevery weake, yet God will aflifhvs in this combat, which as well concerneth his owne glorieas our good, andbeing armedwith his power, the gatesofhell cannot preuaile againft vs. Well may the 1,;ordfuffer vs to take a foile,that therebylearning to know our owneweakenes,wee may the more carefully ref+onhis power, and more earneflly crauehis aflìflance, but then hee will raifevs vp thoughwee be neuer fofeeble; for the more apparent our infirmities are, themore cleerely will the om- nipotentpower ofthe Lord (bine vnto all theworld, when byhis helpe we haueobtainedviaorie. Wouldwe therefore ref Satans force and firength ? then 4.S'0.5,,` letvs not goe armed inour owne power,for we are fo weak- ifvvevvill ned with finne and corruption, thatwe are not able-e6 with- ouercome a vve- fiandhis leaf t affault ; but defpairing in our ovineabilitie let `; vvheUy ' vs. relieourfelues wholly on theLord :forweare /lreñgthened Lord. reareoxthe withall might through hisgloriouspower, as it is Col;a..I i .and Cola. i r, though in our felues wee are able to doenothing, yet weare abletodoeall things through thehelpeofChrifl whichílrengthe nethvs, as it is Phil.4.13.Ofour felueswe are notable toen- Phil.4, r 3. dure the leaf{ incounter ofour fpirituall enemies, but yet if we truft in the Lord, he zrillgiue vs via.orie through lefus r,Cor.ïf57e Chrif$, r.Cor,r 5.57. Andhence it is that theApoffle prepa- ringvs forthisfpirituall combat, doth exhort vs to beflrongRom.8.37. in theLord,andin thepower ofhismight; and toput on thewhole armour ofcl od,that wemay beable to fandagainfl the affaults Ephef.6. io.íz. ofthedinell, Ephef.6.Bo. i i . _Iftherefore weewould be fafely prote6led from thefurie ofSatans power, let vs not oppofe againfl it our owneRrength,for then furelywe Thal be ouer- come,.