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Pfilc.r8.z. ROm.B.;y. Exod.i4. i4. 1'falm.; 4.7. z.King.6.6. §.Sea.6. 3° OfS4tans f rength: conic, butletvs relie our (clues on the almightiepower of God,profelling with theProphet David, Pf, r 8.245 the Lord is our rockandfertref è,&he that deliserethvs,our Godand our firength,inhim willwe trut,ourfhield,theborneofourfaluation andour refuge. Let vswithhim call vpon Godwhich is worthy . tobepraifed,and fo fhal webe fafe fromal our enemies,verf.3. In like manner, when wee confider ofthe infinit number ofour enemies, which dailieaffault euery one ofvs, let vs thereby bee awakened out of the(lumber of careleffe retch.. lefnes, -andbe furred vp to flandvpon our guardmore care.. fully : but yet let not this difcourage.vs from the fight,be_ cattle there aremany toone,fortheLordis withvs while(l we fight his battailes,and thereforethat mattreth it who oppofa themfeluesagainfl vs ? Rom.8.3-1. TheLordwillfight forvs, therefore let-vsbold ourpeace, Exod. 14.14. Thebattellis not oursbut Gods, and therefore let vs not beeafraidofthisgreat multitude,as it is-2-.Chro.2oJr s.for the greater the numberis which fighteth againflvs, the more will the Lord glorifie himfelfe in our viélorie,the greatnesofhispower fhining fo much the morecleerely in the weakenesofthe meanes, and -our infirmities feruingas a foile, to make the riches of his omnipotencie and glorieappeare more glorious. So that the Lord (landing on our fide, it is not materiali howmanywic- ked fpirits affaultsvs; ifhe take vpon himour preferuation, weneede not care though thewhole powerofhell feekeour deflru6tion. But iffuchbee the frailtie ofourfaith, that we would oppofe number againfl number,let vsconfider that if wewill fightthe Lords battailcs,hewillfend as many bleffed Angels to our aid& refcue, as there are wicked fpirits which affault vs ;for the Angels ofthe Lardpitch their tents round about them thatfearehim, anddeliver them, as itis Pfal.34.7. So that iftheLord open our ejes, as hee did the eies ofEli- fbaes feruant, wee {hall plainlyperceiue that there aremore with vs then againflvs,2.-King.6. x 6. r 7. So whenwe confider that we wreflle notagainfl flefh and bloud, but againfl fpirituall wickedneffes, this fhouldmake vs labour that our care and diligence may counteruaile the difaduantage which we haue in the fight. But wee arenot to be