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P + OfSAtitns f rengtb. 3j bediscouraged hereby fromentring the combat:for though we be but'fíefhand bloud, yet the Spirit ofGoddwelling in vs, can eafilydifcerne and defeate all Satansambufhtnents; for light and darknes are to himalike. Andwhereas Satan can with greatagilitiegiue theaffaultand retire back for his beíl aduantage, Gods fpirit farre excellethhim, for he is pre- fent in all places at all times; fothat Satan canno fooner of- fer to flrike, butGods, Spirit is readie to defend; no fooner can thediuelltempt,then the Lord enablethvs to endure the temptation. And though Satan fighteth from highplaces, and fo taketh the aduantageofthe vpperground,yet let not this,diftnayvs in our fight, for there is onehigher then hce who Iaugheth.hiinto.fcorne,and maketh fruílrate all his en- terprifes. Laílly,when-weconfider that our enemie is defperateand audacious, wee are not to call away our fpirituall weapons and forfake the field, but let it rather ferue as a flrong mo- tine to make vs arme our felues withChriflian refolution : forfeeing Satan is foaudaciousand venturous in the affrult, furelywe fhould be asvaliant andbold ingiuing him the re- pulfe; ifhe bedefperate in feekingour deflru6lion,it beho-- uethvs tobe refolute in feeking our preferuation,feeing this much more concerneth vs then the other him; efp.eciallie confidering that thoughwee takemány, foiles,andbe often beaten downe with the violent blowes ofhis temptations, yet in the endwe íhall haue alluredvilorie.Andwhy there.. fore fhould Satan Phewmore refolutionwhen hee isfure to be vanquifhed,then we who are Pureófthe vi&orie, ifwedo not cowardly yeeld ? CHAP. VT. OfSatans aidesandfirfl ofthe.tvorlek ANdfo much concernii g.Satans flrength, being con- pea. z . fidered inhimfelf.But befideshimfeifhe hath the aide ofother enemies to fupplant vs,who though they doe notmake fo terrible a ihew,yet they are noleffe dangerous, and. i