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Ofthe Flefb. <"vÄ.'1N:Yi.'... theworldand the diuell,as thewaxe the print of the feale,or the tindarfire.And this the Apoiale Lames fheweth chap.a.r . 4:, Emery man is tempted*henhe is drawneaway byhis owneconcts- pifeencc andis enticed : i y. Then when lust hatls conceitied, it brie eth forthPanne, and fanne when it isfnifhed bringeth forth dear. So that as Saran is the father, to the flefh is the mo- ther ofGnne, which receiuingSatans temptations as it were into a fruitfull wombe, doth conceiue, nourifh, and bring forth finne, which no fooneris borne, but like a.deadly flin- ging ferpent,it bringethdeath tobodie and foule,vnleffe the poyfon thereofbe ouercome and taken awayby theprecious blood ofChriflo_. And thus you fee what the ffef1i is, andhow it confpireth Thetracheae with Satan in feeking our deflruelion, wherebyapp.eareth ofthe flefh. thetreacherie and dangeroufüeffe of this our enemie. The treacherie thereof is hereby manifefl, in that being inout- ward.:fhew adeare friend,and;tnore neere than analter idem, anotherfelfe, it notwithf}anding aideth Satan toour owne ouerthrow. Soas we may complaine withDnHid, Pfal.4i .9. f.4 I,9. Myfamiliar friendwhom I trtsfted,whichdid eatensy 6read,hath lift vp the heeleagaing me. For. this Iud4s which daily follo- wethvs,andeateth, drinkethand fleepethwith vs, dothb .. trayvs into the hands of thofe enemies who feekeour life; and that,when it feemeth louinglyand kindly tokiffe vs. Andas it is moil treacherous, foaltomoli dangerous, and hardtobe ouercome, foras much as it isinour felfe, and the 119arks, ;4: greatefl part ofourfelfe, and therefore wecannot forfake it, That thefiefh vnleffe we forfake our felues ; we cannot fight againfi it, vn- iss a moft dan- leffewe raife intef}ine and ciui-1l warres in our owne bowels; gout enemie wecannot vanquilh it, vnleffe we fubdue our felues; and if we feeke to runneaway from it, wemightas eafily flee from our owne fhadowes, yea from our felues; for we carrie it in our owne bofomes. Howhard therefore is this enemie to be ouercome how dangerous andirkfome mull this fight needs be;wherein ourfelues mull be enemie toour felues ?' So that we cannot obtaine thevii orie, vnlefl'e we be ouercome; eve' cannot be fureoflife,vnleffe we mortifie and kill our greatefl; Rani wecanncit fuíbaineour felues, but.we_nourifh ourene- mie;