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o' . Ofthe Flefh., Iftwomosaveow....------dso......., r.....1..-.+ CHAP. VII. Oftheflefh,andthe f rength thereof. ,y^ Nd fo much concerning the world. Thefeeond 4,sea I. a enemie which alliPteth Satan again(} vs,is the flefh, which is that inborne traytor \ti;hich we w,D nouri(hing inour felues,doth opéagate inour ` -V foules, intowhichSatan and the worldmay eafily fendwhole troupes oftemptations to enter and fur- prizevs. By the flefhwe are not tovnderfland the bodie a- what the PP. lone and the flefh thereof, but that corruption of nature is. which hathdefiled both bodicand foule, being fpread and mixedwitheuery part ofboth, euen as the light is mingled with darknes in the twilightor dawningof theday ; where- bywee are madeprone to all finne, and readie to entertaine all temptations, whichpromife the fatisfyingdailyofthe lulls thereof. This fecret traitor confpiring withSatan and the world toworke our deflruclion, doth entertaine and fur- ther all their temptations; it fightethand lufleth againfl the fpirit, it rebelleth againfl the law ofour mindes,and leadeth vscaptiue to the lawoffine,it hindreth vs from doing the goodwewould, and maketh vs commit the euill which wee hate,asit is notablie fet downe Rom.7.So Gal, 5. i ].ThefleJ7 RonLy: tus ethaping. the#irit,and thefpiritagain§ theflefb,and thefe'Galat.$.1 arecontrarie theone to the other,fo thatye,cannot doe the faine things thatye would. This enemie the holyGhofl in the"Scriptures deciphereth bydiners names ; for it is called theoldman, theold Adam, the earthly,carnall,andnaturals man,the finne which isinhe- rent and dwelleth invs, the adioyning euill, the lawof the members, the lullsofthe fle(h which fight againfl the foule =; byall which is fignified our corruption ofnature, which is .derived fromour fir(l parents, whereby wee aremade back- wardvnto all good, and prone vnto all euill,vnapt to enter- tameanygoodmotions ofGods Spirit, but moil readie to recciueand itmbraceall the fugge(lions and temptations of D3 the