Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133 .D76 C551 1608 v.1

TO THE GODLY, ZEALOVS, S, AND SIN- CERE PROFESSORS OF GODS TRVE RELIGION, SIR IOHN SCOTS Sit' THOMAS SM I r Hand their Ladies; Mailer R o- g Rr CHAMBARLAINE Efquire, and Mifiris ANNE CHAMBERLAINE his wife, his welbeloued andmoil refpeaed friends : I. D. wifiieth the frui- tionof all the true comforts ofthis life, and eternall happineffe in the life to conic. Anifold (Right WorfhipfulI) and moll dangerous are the temptations and affaults of ourfpirituall. enemies, where- by they labour to hinder the ffluarionof Gods ele 1, and to increafe the greatndfe of their hellifh dominions, by with- drawing(ifit werepoflible) Gods feruants from their fubietionand allt'ageance, and making them their flaues and perpetuali vaffils. To this end they take in- defatigablepines, going continually about feel ng whom they may càeuoure ; lometiines like rorng Lions, compellingby violent force, and fornetirr es 2 like