Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133 .D76 C551 1608 v.1

3 THE EPISTLE DEDICATORIE. likeold Serpents, alluring and deceiuing with tread cherous policies. Neither doe they reft in the time ofour reft,butwakingand fleeping they fet vponw, one while inticing vs to fwallow the poyfon of finne, with the fugred baites of worldly vanities, and another while driving vs into their fnares of perd ition, with the fharpe pricking goads ofmife- rie and affli6lion. Before vs they fet carnal!. plea- fures,deceiuing riches, and vainehonors, to allurevs to come into thebroad way that leadeth todeftruai- on : and behind vs they hold the three- ftringedwhip of loffe, flame, and punîlhment, to keepe vs from goingbacke, and tohaften vs with winged fpeedeto runne forward in this liellifh iourney. Neither doe theygreatlycarewhat pathwe chufe in this common wayofperdition ; whether the fpatiousway of fecu- ritìe and prefumption, or the ftrait path of horror anddefperation; whether the toyling way ofvnfati- able couetoufnelk; or the loft fairewayof bewitch- ing pleaiures; whether the open way of worldlineffe and atheifine, or through the hidden thickets ofhy- pocrifie and di_fïitnulation é: in` a word, they regard not in what waywe walke, fowegoe forward in the wales of finne ; for though they feeme diuers and contrarie one to another, yet they haue all the fame end, meeting together in hell and deftruótián. And howfoeuer they cannot withall their Malice, power, and policies, attaine vnto their defires, by bringing Gods eledt and faithful! ones to perdition and end- lefle miferie ; becaufe God their heauenly father who hath taken vpon him their protection, fruflra- teth all their fubrill policies with his all-feting wife- dome, and withftandeth all their might with his al- mightie