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? ti 4`ef'iFR>l'eìr 614Y 42 O fSatan;policie. skilful' in defcrÿingall Satans ffratagerns, and alto in pre... uenting them.being difcouered. For howfoeuer in the darke nightof ignorance and errorwe mayeafily fall into his am- bufhments,yet the lightof Gods word fhiningvnto vs, will plainlydifclofe them to theeyes ofthemoll limpie. But betides this theoretical) wifdoniefeated in the vnder- !landing, there is alto a pra&icall or operatiue wifedomere- quiredinGods word,which fheweth it felfe in our affections anda&ions.And itconfifleth in thefeareofthe Lord,that is, true godlineffe and finceritieof heart. Of this lob fpeaketh, Iob 1848. chap. z8.verfz8. Thefeareof the Lord is rrifdome, and tode- Pfalm. Y z I. z opart fromeuillis vnderstandinç. So Pfalm. I I I . io. Thefeare of theLord es the heador beginningo f rvifedome. AndPro.28.7. ,Prou.28.7. he is called a wife Tonne which kcepeth the laax. So that our chiefewifedome conlfleth in the feare ofthe Lord, and in a godly endeuour ofperforming'obedience to theLords com- mandements. If therefore we would attaine vnto fuch fpirituall wife donee that we may refill our fpirituall enemie, wemull be conuerfant inhearingandreading the wordofGod,medita-. Pfalsn,z.z. ting thereinwith the Prophet TD dbothdayandnht; and withal' we mull byall meanes feeke the feare ofthe Lord, a- bouring to leade our liues in a conflant courfe of true godli- neffe. And thoughweare full ofinfirmities, yetat lean let vs haue an holy endeuour to performe fèruice vnto God, in truth, vprightneffe, and integritie ofheart. And fo we may affure our feluesthat though we beneuerfo Pimple and foo- lifhby nature, yet {hall we bewife enough towith{}and and cuercome our fpirituall enemies : for the Lordwho is wife- dome it felfe will dire& vs in our waies, and he alto will fo infatuate this curled Achitophel, and turne his wifedome in- to foolifhrffe, that we (hall neuer thereby be hurt or cir- cumuented. But on the other fide, thoughwe be,neuer fo wife in car- nali wifedome, and thoughour headsbe a florehoufeof po- litike flratagems,yet ifwenegle& Gods word, andvolunta- rily giue our felues ouer vnto finneand difobedience,we Thal be fobefotted with:follie, that Satan will cafily deceiue and circuLnueut 4 ëW