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ar-maleol----r OfthefivordoftheSpirJte _._.._....._._...._..... CHAP. XV. Ofthefront oftheSpirit. Nd fomuch for the defenfiue armour which wee 4Sh meráo muff. put on. That which followeth is both de- th irit. fenfiue and offenfue, fit to defend our felues, ÍP andtrepell and foile the enetnie..'The firflis the firordoftheftirit,the word ofGod. This theApoflle calleth the (wordof the Spiritf becaufe itis a fpirituall and not acarnal. weapon,which the Spirit ofGodhimfelfbath as it were tern- pered,inade,fharpened, and put into our hands, to repel' our fpirituall enemies whenfoeuer theyafhault vs.If thereforewe would defend our felues and driuc backe Satan, wee mutt not onelie bucklevntovs the defenfiue armour before fpo ken of(for he that flandeth. altogether vpondefence,flan..: deth'vpon no defencc)_,but wee mull take vntovs the (word oftheSpirit,wherewithwe may repel and deadly wound our fpirituall enemies. Whereinwe are to imitate the example of ourchrefe Captaine IefusChrifl, who though. hewas able to hauelronfuted Satanby other arguments, or to haue con-. forodedhimbythe.ornnipotent power of his.Deiti.e.; yctas Match,. a he fufferedhimfelfe tobc.tempted in all things like voto fo hevfedalto thefame weapons, 'which he hathappointed. vs to vfe in this fpirituall combat of temptations, to theend, that we might be taught how tohandle thern,hauinghisex- ample for ourimitation,andalto may conceiue affured hope. ofvi&orie, confidering that our Captains fubdued Satan: with the felfefame weapons. Whenfoeuer therefore wee are.affaultedbySatan, Iet vs §,Se t drawout the (wordoftheSpirit, that wee. may ,defend our That the ford felues i and gue him the foile, as being themoft fit weapon ofthefririt is . for this purpofe : for if Satan feeke to blind the eies ofa moil fit 'ea- our.vnderflanding with .ignorance, that thereby hee may Pratio a 0.1 leadevsas it were hcodwinkt into finne,the wordof God is_otions.. alanthorne to our feetc,anda light vnto our paths todifco- ucrSa,tansdarke illufions and fecretanbufhments, and to guide'..: