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Hotu we are to vfe thefiord oftheffiirit in the conflìe`t of temptations. Ga1.3.IO. Rom.8.8. &zec.r8. s;. 3z. Matth.9. i 3. Math.6.z4. t.Iohn 2.1%. Iamcs 4.4. 6o Ofthe(wordofthe Spirit. _guideour feete in theway ofpeace. Ifhe feeke todeceiueva with his lies, and tofeduce vs into errors; the word ofGod" is the touchfldneof truth, bywhichwee difcerne the pure golden veritie from the droßîe conceits-of humane inuen tions; and the fubtill delufions of Satans probable falfe- hoods, from the vndoubted certaintie of Gods infallible truth.Ifhe tranfforme himfeife into anangell óflight, Gods worddothpull ofthis vizard,and makethhimappcare inhis owne likenes : ifhee comevponvs like a roring liotì to de- uoure vs,itproteaeth vs fromdanger, andmaketh vsflrong enough tow ithflandhisviolence. Seeing therforé -this wea pon is fo excellent,let vs inófl highlyefleerne it,andtnanft1l lyvfe itwhenföeuer Satan doth affault vs and tempt vs yrkh' finne.For example, whenhee inticing vs to commitfin,"doth extenuate and mince it ás though it were but a May-game, anda trickeofyouth whichGod regardethnot ; let vs draw crut the fwordofthe Spirit, faying, it is «ritten,that all they are accurfed who continue not in all that is written in the booke ofthe law to doe it; that they 'who liue ac- cording to the flefh, cannot pleafeGod, Rorn.8.8. that the burthen offinne cannot bee light, feeing it prcfffedout of Chrifthimfelfeabloodie fweate; &c, On the otherfide, ifhee aggrauate thehainouf-ies of'oúr fins,to theendhee may draw vs into defpaire of Gods nier- de ; let vs fay,it is written,/will not thedeathofainner (faith the Lord)but that herepent andliue,Ezec.18.2 3.3.2.And,that Iefus Chrift came into the worldtoface/mnner.r,T.Tini.`i.r5.And that he cdihe not tocallthe righteous, butffnners to repentance, Matt.9.i 3.1011.3 .16. Ifhe tempt vs to the loue ofthe world, and to the feruice ofthis vnrighteous Mammó; let vs anfwer hirn,that it is impoffible toferue two mailers offuch contrary difpofition,as it is written Matth.6.24. That ifwee loue the n7orld, the loueofthefatherabideth not invs, 1.10h.2.15. That theamriie orthe world is enmitieagainf1God,Iam.44 Contrariwife, ifrenouncing theworld,and endeuouring to ferue the Lord in vprightnes and in trueth,hee feéke to draw vs from our integritie, by threatning aliolions and perfecution; wee are to frengthen ourfelues and refill him with