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. Ofthefinordofthe Spirit. 61 with theword oftheSpirit,remembring that theyare6leffed whichPuffer perfecution,for righteoufnef efake,for theirsis the Muth. kingdomofheauen,Mat.5. i o.That althat wit linegodly in (krill 1. Tim.3.11. lefusJhalfufferper[ ecutio, I.Tim.3.I2.Thatwhofoeuerlofetha- ny thingfor Chritsfile, Í7a1 receiue in recompence atn hundreth Matth,¡9, 29. foldmore,and haue euerlafling life toboote, Matth.t9.29. Ifhe temptvs to the negleel ofGodsword,wee are to tell him, that all Chrifis (heepe heare his voyceandfollowhim,Ioh. khn10.:7. Io.27.Thatwhofoeuer isofGodheareth odsìbords,Ioh.8.47. Iohn 8,47, . that they whoknow God heare his Miniílers,whereas hee that is not ofGodheareth them not,I.Ioh.4.6.And ifhe ob- 1.1011.4,6. ieét that wee cannot heáre it without greatlabour and coil, weeare to remember, that whofoeuer is a wife Merchant fit for the kingdome ofGod, will rather fell all hehath to buy this pretious pearle,than be without it,Matth.t 3.44.45 46. Mat33.44 4t. On the other fide,ifhe tempt:vs to content our felues with the barehearing thereof, negle&ling obedience thereunto, we are to tell him,that not thehearers ofthe word,6ut the doers Rom. 2. i;.. thereoffhallbe iufified,Rotn,2.I 3. that they who arehearers ofthe word and not doers alfo, doe deceiue themfelues, if Iam.l.22. they thinke hereby to haueany affuranceofeternal life,Iatn. I.22.Thatnot everyone r:-hofaith Lord,Lord, (thatis,tpaketh Muth.7.2 1. a goodlyprofcilion ofreligion)Jhallenter into thekkingdome of heauen, but hee that doth the will ofthefather who isin heauen, Matth.7.2 Sowhen he temptethvs to pride, wee are tofay vnto him, Satan I may not yeeld vnto thy temptation, for it is writ- ten; GodreMeth theproud, butgiuethhisgrace to the humble, 1.Pet.5.5. I.Pet.5.5. Ifhe tempt vs tocouetoufhes,we are torefill him, faying,it is written, that thedefire ofmonie is theroote of all 1.Tim.6. t o. . euill, I .Tim.6. Io. Ifto carkingcare, we arc to tell him,that the Apoffleexhortethvs to cagt allour careonthe Lord, for he r.Pet. 5.7. carethfor vs, I.Pet.5.7. Ifto vnthriftiemifpendingofGods gifts, and careleffeconfuming ofour cfiates, weeare to tell him, that he that prouidethnotforhisfamrlie, is werfe than an z.Tim.5.8, infidell, I..Tim.5.A, And thus may we repel the violence ofall Satans temp- ()Sec'I. 3... tations and giue him the foilé, if weewill take vetovs the fword