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4 f'fPrayer°. 63 .. Secondlie, hereby appeareth the wicked prat ife ofthe enemies ofGods truth, who take fromGods people this fword ofthe Spirit, which the Lordhath giuen vnto all for their defence. Neither doth the Apoflle in this place exhort onelie the Clergie to take this weapon, but all Chriflians whatfoeuer, who areaffaultedwith their fpirituall enemies : but they notwithflanding confpiring with Satan to worke the ouerthrowofGods Church, depriue themofthe vfe of the fwordofthe fpirit, the wordofGod, and fobetray them into the power of Satan being able tomakenoreffla nce, when their chiefe weapon is taken from then i. -. ---------- -._.., CHAP. XVI. Of He lati andchiefe meanes wherbywe mayboth 5 r. defend our felues and offend our enemie, is Fph.6. is. feruentand effeaualprayer,which theApoflle That prayer is exhorteth vs to vfe,Eph.6.i8,findpray alwaies the meanesof '11lblarit19&c. The neceffitie and profitofwhich ex. obtain ce,ands ercife is exceeding great in this fpirituall combat, becaufe téfre of tbe therebywe doe obtaine all our flren th to fight, and vi6tor g y jpirituall ar- alfo ouer our enemies. For firíl wee cannot endure the leali mcur. of fault ofSatanby our ovinearength, vnlefíe wee bearmed with the power ofGodsmight,as before hauefhewed.And theLords alliílance,whereby ouely we can ouercome,is ob- tained by camel and effeeluall prayer, according to that Pfal. So. i S.Calluponmein theday oftrouble; ,fo will I deliuer r thee,an4 thoufhaltglorifiemee. And our Sauiour prefcribeth vs this meanes to free our felues from temptation, or at leafi frombeingouercome by them, by crauing the Lords affi- flance,faying, Leadevsnot into remptation,but deliuervsfromM4tth 6.r1. euili, Matth 6.i 3.Soheeexhorteth his difciples vntoprayer, left they Jhould enterinto temptation. Luk.2 2.40.46. Luk,22.406 Secondly,we cannot obtaine the fpirituall armour (before defcribed)by anymeanes ofour owne, but thofe graces of Gods Spirit are his gifts,fromwhom euery goodandperfeì gift