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.flxìtA ..w Matth.74. Iohn 16.13. Vert t4. Luk.t1.13. §.Seci:2. The refi' ofthe jvirituall ar- mour isnot fufficient with- out prayer. 64 QfPr ayer, gift defcendeth,Iam.t.t 7. and therefore are tobebegged at his handsbycarnet+and effe6uall prayer,we hauinghis gra. cious promife,that ifwe aske we fhall receiue,Mat.7.7.And our Sauiour hath affured vs, that whatfoeuer we aske the fa- ther in his naine, he will giue it vs,Ioh.i 6.23 .And to thishis promife hee addeth hiscommandement in the verle follow- ing,faying, ef iskeandyouThal/receiuc.Yea,ifwe doe but tru- lie delre the holie Ghofl, the Father will giue himunto vi, Luk.i i.13. Andhee commethnot alone,butbringeth with . him our fpirituall armour, euen all his graces fit for toarme vs in the fpirituall combat, againfi all the affauits ofSatan and his aflifiants. But whereas thefegracesare in this life butweake and ini- perfe6 invs;our truth beingmixt with wil-worfhip andhy- pocrifie; the puritie ofourconfcience beingfiainedwith our corruption; our knowledge of the Golpell but inpart, and fhadowed with the vaile ofignorance; our faithmixt with doubting,andweakened with incredulitie; our hope fhaken fromour anker-hold,when thepromifcs ofGod are delaied; and whereas we alloare vnskilful tovfe this fpiritual armour for ourbell aduantage; therefore it behooueth vs after wee haue armed our felues at all points, not to trufi altogether in our armour, but to haue our recourfe vnto our grand Cap- taine Chrifi Iefits,acknowledging our owne weakeneffe,and defiring his aide andaffifiance, that being armed with his power,wemay obtaine a glorious viéorie ouer our fpiritual enemies. And as Mo,'s ioynedwith lofuahs (word hisowne effeolual prayer,whichwas offarre greater efficacy;forwhen he held vp his hands inprayer, Ifrael preuailed; but whenhe fainted, eßmalechhad thevpper hand: fowee being to fight againfi the fpirituall Amalekites, are notwhollietotrufi in our fpiritual weapons,but we are to implore continually the Lordsaflïflance by heartie prayer, atfuring our felues that if we lift vpour hands and hearts vntoGod,weThal in the end obtaine a full vtc`lorie; but ifwefaint, the fpirituall Amalecl¿, will preuaile againfi vs. Whilefi our minds lie grouelingon theearth,it is aneafie matterfor thefe fpiritual wickednefíes to ouercome vs, feeingthey fight againf} vs from high pla- ces; .r.