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maul OfPrayer. 65 ces ; but ifwee lift vpour hearts in prayer vntoGod, our mindes and fouies (hall bee as it were tranfported into hea- uenwhich is a towerofflrength, into Nvhich our fpiritualle- nemies cannot arproch. Whenfoeuer therefore wee are af- fauitcd by Satan, let vs lift vp cur feules into heauen by eífe&ua 1 prayer, and fowe shall be out ofhis reach. Now that our prayers may bee e feó uali, there are Bitters ÿ.Seae3. conditions and properties required in them by the Apoflle in this place. Firít, that we pray continually,which altoour Lukei8.r. Sauiour Chrifl enicyneth vs,Luk.i8.i. AndPailalto i .Thef. c. r Not that wee muff negicól all otherexercifes and doe T'hrproperrier 5. 7, a requi>ea cn nothingbut pray ; for there is a time to heare theword,to do grayer. the works ofmerck andofour callings; but his meaning is that webe alwaies readie topray vpon all good occafions efpecially in the time oftemptation this dutie is required, according to that,Pfal.5o.I 5.And therfore theApoflle faith Pfal.fo35. not, that }tee muff pray ri, cy'.*, in euery particular time and feafon, but r . i rev aw: in eue: ie fit time when iuft occa- fion andopportunitie is offered. Seeing therefore in the time oftemptation wedoe efpeciallyneed the Lords helpe;there- fore, that aboue all other is the opportune and conuenient timewhereinwe are to implore the Lords aflïltance.Where by the way the (tinted prayers of the popith rabble, which they refhaine to fet houres is confuted, for the Apoillewil- lethvs alwaies to be in a readines when anyfit occafion is of- fered. The fecond thing required,is, that weepraywith all man- ner ofprayer and fupplication. The formerwordhere vfed is t-x+, which fgnifieth the earnefl defiring of any good thing : theother is d mss, which is the deprecation of fome euill; fo that whether weewant any thing that is good, or would be deliuered from any thing which is eulli, we mutt haue recourfe vetoGodby prayer, that we maycbtaine the oneand auoide the other; but moreefoecially whenwe fcele the want or 1,veaknes ofanypart ofthe fpirituall armour, the gracesofGods Spirit, wee are tobegge them at Gods hand, that fowee maybee enabled to fiand in the encounter; and whenwee apprehend the extreame malice, ioynedwith the F great