Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

4% Theal tráeroujres ofworldly profperitie, ken at vnawares,andvnprouided,we arenot able tohand or make refinance : for whereas the cold ofaduerfitie gathers and vnïtes all thepowers of the foulc,and by vertueof this vnion inables them to make refinance, when they are in. countred,fothe heate ofprofperitie dtffi sting and fcatte. ring them,makcth them much more cafie to beouercome. Or which is mots probable,becaufe profperitiepuffethmen vp withpride,and making themleaue their dependancieon God, caufeth them to troll in themfelues and their owne firength; and fo God refifteth them in their pride and for- faketh them,who had firfi forfaken him r and therefore no marucil it is ifbeing left ofGod,theybe eallier ouercome oftheweakenenemie. Whereas contrariwifea1fi6lionma. kethvs flee unto Godfor helpe,anddifirufling inour felues torelie on his power andpromifes; and fo thoughwe haue to dealewith amightieenetnie, yet being fhrouded vnder the fhadow of his wings,webecome fate throughhis pro. tedlion. 4.Seti. to. And thushaue I manifefied the great power of this mo. Mat a great narch,by the greatnesofhisvidiories,andhaue chewedhow mea¡arc of much more dangerous he is thenafflióiionand perfecution. grace is requi- red to timbre!! Whereby it appeareth,that a farre greatermeafure ofgrace managing of andChriflian refolution is required,tobeare and refill the' ourpro[Peritie. encounters of worldlyprofperitie,thenof the other which feerneth to fiefhand blood fo terribleand vnrelfiable. For as it is much more intollerable to indurea tickling itch then a frontingpaine ; fo it is muchmore impofiible to retaine a Chriflian confiancie in the courfeof godlineffe, when the world tickleth vs with this itchof profperitie, then when Ybi plusfartu- wee feele the fmart and paine oftroubles and affliions; nelicentia,ibi for where there is greatell libertieofe/tate, there vertue bath plus virtual thegreateff imployment. To this purpofe onefaith fitly, that negottum, ut isa noteofangular vertne,toffrirse and contendmeth world- Auguß.1 rm. ly felicitie, that it may neither allure, corrupt, nor ouerrhrow vs,andgreat vtbappinejTh to be essercome ofthis earthly hap_ pinef. 4.Set`i'.t The confideration whereoffîiould make vs to keepe a That we ought narrow watchouerour felues,as at all othee times,fo cfpe- to keeps nar- dally