Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

The dangeroufnes ofworldiyprofperitie. 43 ciallÿ in our florifhing profperitie, becaufe(as bath been rot, witchm (hewed) this enemie is much more dangerous, and wee, carman in the through our retchlefie fecuritie, andcarnal) lone ofearthly time ofprofie- things,ïnuchmore vnable to make refinance. To this pur- ritie. pole one faith,that when theperfectttionofenemies ceafeth,our Gregor.hb.go, heart is much morevigilantly tobeobferued: for in the timeof hionul,hom 3 s. peace whileflwe haste libertie toline, )bee take Irbertie.tlfa to ca- uet,and compareourambitious ends. Thewhich was praElifed by another as himfelfe profeffeth t Ifear, no slue (faith he) profperitie then aduerfirie ; forprofperitie waked) me with his Bernard.me4 fweerne, retchleffe, andfodecetueth me; bet aduerfîtiebecaatfetattapJ4. tt hathfome mixsure ofbitterns,)ke vaplea%antpotions, make, mefearefu/l andfufpitioun. Wholepra6life let vs afro follow, caging afide carnal! fecurity,and carefully arming our felues again( the tentations of profperitie, which are pleafantly peruicious,andmofa hurt vs,when they molldelight vs,and fame to threaten lean danger. Now if wee would know how to fight againfi this enemie,where ourchicle firength lieth,andwhat are the ben weapons to be vied for the ob- tainingof vi&orie, wee muff confider that the Chriflian champion mull not undertake this combat, nor enter the lifts in hisowne name,but(as Amidagainfl Goliah)we mull come out again( him in thename ofthe Lord; we mull not relie vpon our owne flrength,but vpon the Lords affiflance, and vpon thepower ofhis might, through which alone we- are inabled to ouercome;neithermull our comfort and con- fidence begrounded vponany conceit,that wee are able in our felues to fubdue this enemie, but in this,that our Cap- taine Ictùs Chrifl hath ouercome him forvs. And this mull makevs to flie unto himbycarnal and dffeéluall prayer, de- firing the helpeand aflìflance ofhis holy fpirit, whereby we may bee deliuered in the day oftentation, andmay haue thefeworldly lufls killed and crucified in vs. With which our prayersweemull ioyne a'Chriflian care b;Seîi. t2. to armevs for the fight, not withSanscarnal( armmour, for tteroKc arcfaiel this being vnfitand comberfome, will rather betray vs to torcftl the tee- theenemie,thendefend vs from his force; but with the fpi- +41'0,30íp'0- " rituali armour ofa Chrillian, wen the gifts and graces of0 f Gods