Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

44 `Realns mouirg vs to contemne worldlypro#tritie. Gods fan6lifying fpirit. Andbeing armed, wemull obfcrue thebell maneroffight for obtaining theviéloric : to which purpole let vsknow, that wee proclaime warre againfl pro- fperiticand worldlyvanities,and manfully refill in the com- bat of tentations; whenweethrufl themout fromhawing a. chicleplace inour hearts, making them as flaues to follow and obey vs,:and not as Lords to rule and raigne ouervs. When as wanting them, wee doe not greatly delire their companie, much leffevfe wickedandvnlawfull meanes, for theobtainingof thisvnprofitablefocietie. Whenashauing them we donot let our hearts vpdn them,butefleeme them bate and contemptible, incomparifon oldierich jewelsof Godsgraces,& the eternal ioiesofhis lcingdom;beingcon- tentedto lofe the, rather then in the leall degree tohazard theother ,Andwhenwee immoderatlygrieue not,but ref( well contented, ifitbee the pleafureof God to take themi from vs; yea whenwee our felues can willingly call them away for Chriflfake,and renounce and £orlake them,when astheywill not (landwithour profeßïonand praólifeofre- ligion beingcontent to leaueall theworlds glorie, and to takevp our croffe and followChrifl.In aword,weefight a. gainfl worldlyprofperitie,whenwedefic it; wekillit,when we contemne it; weobtainethe vi6oriewhen we flee from it,and renounce it; as often as it isthe diuelsfolicitour to perfwadevsvnto finne, or a corrivall 'withGodor hisgra- ceswooing vs forour hearts; oran alluringbake which in- ticethvsto.fwallow the hooke of tentations,and to glue entertainment. to.thewickedfuggeflionsoldiediuell. §.s0.r Trofperitiefel- dome bettered) our ffüritxaX efiate, CHAP. VI. ,Reoofons which may mouevs to contemn worldlyproeritie. Ow that wee may not thus let ourhearts and affe- &ions immoderatly vpon worldlie profperitie, but may defpife and contemne it when it com- ìneth intocomparifon withGods fauour and grace,or the gnlorie