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Reafans mooingvs to contemeeworldly pro.fßcritic. 47 that to their profits were ioyned pleafures,and bothcontinu- ed not only to themfelues etien to their death, but alfo to theirchildren and polteritie. So the Pfalmift telleth vs that the wicked boafteth that he bath his ovine heartsde(ire, and,5,6. that his wares alivaies proser, andflandeth fofirme in his olbne concert, that hecan neither be maned, nor be in danger. Seeing therefore thefe worldly things are fo common,bafe andcon- temptible, let not vs who are heires of all Gods promifes efteeme them worthie our loue, when as Gods defpifed flaues, and trayterous enemies haue them in fttch great a- bundance :butler vs fixe our hearts andaffeaions vpon that heauenly inheritancewhich is prepared for vs, which being ofinfinite value, is worthie of our loue, as being that rich trealurc, which the Lord hath peculiarly referuedas a patri moniefor hisowne children. And as weare exhorted, Letvs r.Cor.rr. vfe this world, asnot ouer vfing,or abufing it,that with his goods sicvtaris hoc wemay dogood, andnor bemade eari!, becauC in their owne na- moods tanqud non vtens,vt ex lure they aregood; neitherare theygiace untomen by anyother bonis eiusbona then by him, who pathall power in heauenlyand earthly things ; Fieias, non ma- the which he bathgreen togoodmen, left theyfbould be thought lus frac,&c. cuill, andto mill men, leg toe), fhouldbe thought excellent, and : ugftpift. dBlonifacium gifts o f greater-I. value; andare taken f rom oodmen ,that the maybe tried, and from examen, that they may be tormented. And in another placehe faith, that itfeemeddood to thediuine Auguft. de ci- prouidence, toprepare for the time to come good thrngsforthe i Dei,lib.a. lui?, lbhich thevniuF?(hallnot enioy ; and eutls for the lbic1Zed, with which thegoodfhall not betormented: bat be would haue thefe temporall things,good andeuil,common to both, that neither the good things (houldbee osiergreedilyde fired,which thewie- bZedalfoenioy, nor the euill thinosfhonldbe drfhoneltly andvn- lawfufly auoided, the which arecommonly incident torhegood. Fourthly,let vs remember that very rarely the fame man is .secrtt 4 richly rewarded, both in earth and heauen, or inioyeth the t' or1dlyprou e- glorieoftheworld,andtheglorieofGods kingdome, the the andIva- treafures ofearth, and the treafures of heauen ; temporall rantshappinelle pleaftires,and eternal! ioyes : I fay rarely, left anyfhould de- arefeddome be- f airyand but rarely,andnot often left any fhould reltme [towed on the p Y> Y P and thinke that he may, fecurely, and with eafe enioy both. lame men. So_