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48 Reafons mattingvs tocont emus 11:aridlyprofperitie, Luk.6.verfzt. Soour Sauiour pronounceth them blefîcdrhat hunger now, to z6. for they /hall befatisficd,andthat weepenow,for they¡halllaugh, and that areperfecutedr,ow, for theyfha(lrichly be rewardedin heauen: But ccntraria^ifé he denounceth a woe again.FI thofe that be rich,becau% theyhatte receiued theirconfolarion ; and to thofethat arefull,for they(hall hunger; andto thofe that laugh, for they (halt waile andweepe:and elfewhere he telleth hisDif- Iohn r 6.2o. ciples, that theyfhallweepe andlament, and the world fhall re- zr.zz. ioyce, that theyfhouldforrow,but their forrowesfhouldbe turned intofach io1, asfhould neuerbe takenfrom them. And the Apo. file telleth vs, that it isa righteous thing withCod, to recom- pence tribulation to filch wicked worldlings as trouble hisfer- z.ThefCt.6.7. wants; but to them that are troubled, rell with theSaints, when theLordlefiufhallfhew himfeifefrom heauen withhis mightie eAngels. And who can doubt but that the Iudge ofheauen and earth wil iudgc righteousiudgement?Wish thisagreeth the fayingofaFather, who bringeth in aworldling,deman. ding, whetheraman might inioy refiheere, and refi inhea- .uen; and maketh this anfwere :Thúisimpofble,Oman, and Lazaro, Conc. in thenumberoftheft thingswhich thou vainly hopelf.It cannot 3. Tor.zPag be, it cannot be, fay, that hewhobath lined infloth andfecuri- 1359. tie, andbath continuallyf jient, enenallhis dayes in worldly de- lights, and bath improuidently and negligently paed histime, thatfachan onefhauldattain that honor andglorie which is re- fruedin heauen. To this purpofe it is that the Scripture allot- teth to euery one their portion, both the wicked and the godly;thewicked do receiue theirs in this life,euen the plea- lures and profperitie of the world, but the godly theirs in the life tocome, when hauing finifhed their race, they fhall receiue the crowneofglorie. So the Pfalmifi faith, that Pfa1.17.14.15". themen ofthe worldhaue theirportionis, this life, whofe bellies Codfilleth withhis hid treafures: their children haue enough, and legate the mil oftheir fubSlance for their children. But 1 (faith he) willbehold tbyface in righteonfnes,andwhen Iaware, Ifhallbefatisfledwith thy Image.And our Sauiourdefcribing the flare of menboth heere and in the life tocome, in the perfonsofDents and Lai artu, diuideth to either his owne portion; to Dines, and withhim to all pompousworldlings, cofily