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That metre morallandciuill venues areto becontemned. 51 portion for fuch as thus abode it with hypocrites in hell, where there is weeping, wailing andgnafhing ofteeth : for woe vnto them that naiv laugh,for theyfoall not onlyceafe their Luke 6.z6. mirth, but contrariwifeßiallwade andweepe :fothat worldly Pfalm.e9.ea. mens plentie is their mare, and theirprofperitie their ruine, as the Pfalmifl fpeaketh. Now if we would alto remember how prone we are to thisabode (as before I haue (hewed) there wouldbe little reafon, why we fhould greatly define thisworldly profperitie, ifwee haue it not, or not feare it whenwe haue it, and much Idle that we fhould takemore paines for the obtaining ofir,then the rich treafure"sofGods kingdome; or fer our hearts vpou it with more feruentloue, being both bafe,+momentanie and dangerous, then vpon thofc heauenly&eternal! ioyes which are prepared forvs in the world tocome.And thus much fhal°fuffice for thofe argo. ments which maygenerallyperfwade vs tocötemne world- ly profperitie, comming in comparifonwith fpirituall and heauenly things, and to flie and renounceit, when it isvied as the diuels,or the worlds baite to allure vs vnto finne :vnto whichmany more might be added; but that referue /hem, and the more full and effe6luall vrging of this point, till I come to fpeake ofthe contempt ache chiefe parts ofthir profperitie, namely the honors, riches and.pleafures of the world. CHAP. VI'I. Ofmorall andmill vertnes,whichare in worldlings,and that theyare to becontemned beingfaltered fromfandijinggrace. Nd thus much in generall concerning the tenta- 4.Sea.I. vve ma refill them : nowwee vvill defcend to tues denot he- ! ' ' et more particulars, and intreate of the feuerall t n , but butt t Isindes ofthefe tentations. To which purpofe wee are to to t barreit hem. know thatthe tentationsof profperitie may diuerfly be di. llinguifhed ,inrefpe,&ofthe matter orfubie6t ofthem from E 2 which