Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

5'o 2eafont mattingvt tocontemeeworldly profJeritse. orldlinosfor thefe good things in them, ordone by them, temporal!blefiings andhcnehts,wherewith being rewarded to the fall, and fame above their deferts, they can expe& no more,feeing theyhaue no part inCha las merits.Againe,be- caufe there is none fo good and holy, but theyare blotted and gained with infirmities acrd imperfe &ions:therefore the Lord being infinit in iullice, doth notonly punifh thefe fins in hisowne deare Sonne, but doth alto chaftife and corre& his faithful! feruants themfelues, that theymaybeexamples ofhis righteous iudgements, andteach wicked worldlings what they are to expe& for their trayterous rebellion, and outragious linnes, when as Godsfaithfull feruants anddeare children, are fo fharpelyafi&ed for their flips and fmaller Ierem.z5.29. faults, whichhaue been alreadie fully punifhed in their Saui- our.0 that this were but well conldered, and then would worldlings have littlecaufe to bepuffed vp withpride, be. caufe they exceed others in worldlypompe and profperitie: then wouldall (who arenotextreamely fecure) when they aregreatly aduanced in their worldlyeflate, carefully take heed that their fpirituall effacebenot asmuch impaired, and feare Id} this temporal profperitie beal the portion that euer they fhall receiue : then would not thofe who wantthefe earthly benefitsimmoderatlydefirethem, and fovie vnlaw- full meanes to attaine vnto them, but would reft contented with their final! pittance and 'boaallowance, hopefullyex- pe&ing'to receiue their portion in the life roconie: then would not chofe that haue them, fet their hearts vpon them, but would willingly part with them togood vfes,that in ex- change they might haue the affurance of Gods loue, and their ownefaluacion, more certainlyconfirmed vnto them. And hauing this bate and brafen money of worldly abun- dance come to their hand,they wouldnot hoord and ftillre- Caine it in their poffeßïon, but part with it vpon the next good occafion, left death comming thevalue thereoffhould 4S0.5. be cried downe, and fobecome to beofnoworth. Proffieritieabu- Laftly, let vs confider thatworldlyprofperitie immode- fedincreafeth rate] loued, or otherwife abufed, not only depriueth vs of their condom- our ly in our heauenlyinheritance butaltoprocureth a xatio>< who portion y P ba/e it. portion