Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

TheEpilile Dedicatorie.j. farre more excellenthopes,life eternall,and the vnfpeakeable ioies of Gods glorious kingdome. For who bewaileth the want, or lamenteth the Joffe of thofe things which he lightly efteemeth,efpecially hating both in pofleffion andhope, fuch things asare of farregreater worthand excellencie? Final- ly, ifwee wereperfwaded to contemne the world andworldly vanities, and highly to effeeme ofthe ioyes ofHeauen, thenwould we not feare the approachofdeath, but bid it welcome with a cheerefull countenance? feeing it takethvs from the things whichwe doe not much regard, and entreth vs into the pofeflion and fruition of our better hopes; euena kingdomematchles,and glo- rie endleffe. Whereas contrariwife,when thefe worldly things bee ouerualued, and too much loued and defired, they wholly take vpmens meditations,anddifable them for Gods feruice, they lay them open to fa- tans tentations, and make them readie to perpetrate and commit any wickednef e, whichmay further them to the obtaining of the things which they affeft; neither is there anyf'op in the way tohinder their headlong court