Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

TheEpiffle Dedicatoric). courfe in fin, vnleffe it be when their world- ly delires do crofreone another : they puffe men vp with pride when they inioy them, and confume themwith griefe and difcon- tentwlren they want them: and to conclude, they makedeath nioft terrible, becaufe it plucketh thé violently from thefe delights, vntowhich their hearts are fall: glued, and forceth them to leaue thethings which they dearclyloue, hauing no affurance or hope ofa better life. For theauoidingofall which euils, and for the furthering and aduancing of the former benefits, I haue laboured in this argument,euen abouemyftrength,God £hewinghispower in my weakenes,andcau- fingmy delire to fupplie that whichwas wan- ting in my health. Of whichmy labours I haue chofen your Lordship for patron,part- ly to thewmy loueanddutievnto you,from whom I haue had, bothal the meanes of my maintenance which I enioy, wherewith I hauebeen enabled to labour;andopportu- nitie to exercife that poore talent which I haue receiued from mygreat Lord andma- iler: andpartly becaufe I thought, I could not dedicatevntoyou a booke ola fitter ar- gument,