Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

6o What is required tofacing vertues andgood worker: while[ it doth keepe down and extenuateother vertues, which duob.difcip. might beblindedwith thewinde ofpride,andby it a man cämeth cuminEm- toknowthat himfelfe it nothing ofhire el , And loo a howmuch maum,Homil, a mandecreafethbydefjtjtug h:fefgdfamuchheprefitetb Bernard.ep.4a in theknowledge ofGod. And again, Humtlitieisfa necega 1 to other vertues, that without it they hastenotfo muchas the /hew ofvertues,Vic.for Godgiueth his graceonly to the humble, and vpon the humble alonethefpirit of the Lord refleth. And elle.. Bernar.Serm. 'where he faith,that the buildingofvertue is eretiedvpon ha- firm. militie,as vpon his properfoundatoon.With him agreethChry- Chryfalin fofbome,alhrming,that that is not vertue tohtchbathnot hami- Ged.x4.Hom. litie ioyned with it. In all our venues therefore and good 3S. parts letvs carefully keepehumilitie, and face pride, which is the canker of vertue,and the poyfon, whichbeing mixed with thefepleafant andwholefompotions,doth make them to becomedeadly. Towhich pwpofe one faith, thatbecaufe Ambroflib. feldomeany is lb impudent as to boa/[ofhis vices, andifhedoe,, he iseaf 1 defpifed,that gloriethinhis lbame;therefore the euill ofpride is-moflcarefully to be auoidedofthe vertuous, becaufe none is more eagle betraied, then thole who haue deferued profile andcommendation, &c.for Satan by vaineglorie crept into the hearts not ofthe fluggi/he ndflothfull,but of theindu- flrioses and diligent, that her midht cafl down bypride, thofe whom be couldnotmoue byperfwafton. Forbowmuch morefa- mom they werefor their deferts, fomuch the fitter heefoesnd them to beintangledwith his[nitres. 4.SeE.1o. And thefe are thofe fundamental] verrues vpon which 4iiourvertues all other mull bee built. Now the lafi condition is, that all andworks mull our vertues,duties,and good parts,muflhaue as their chicle pu uudog ire and amine end the glorie ofGod propounded vnto them : thema, their for asour Sauiourfaith, therefore our light muflfhine before ehie/e end. men, that theyfeeing ourgood worker, mayglorifie ourfather Matth.536. which is in heatless. And the Prophet Efáy faith, that there- Efa.61.3. fore the Lord bathmade vs treesofrighteoufnefe ofhis otone planting,tbathimfelfe mightbeglorified, by our flukesof o- bedience. Whereofit is that the Apofilechargethvs to pro- pound this as themine end to all our aóhons, andwhether wegate or drinl(e,or whatfoeuer toedoe, to doeall to theglorieof God.