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That the cittill vertues ofworIdling:arefalfandcounterfeit.61 Cod. Which end ifweaime not at, our vertuesareof no va- lue :for (as Aniline faith) our vertues are difcernedfrom vi- ces,not by their officesandfesntlians,but by theirfcope andleuei, Kan aLdibusfed and areefteerned not bytheir aitons,bat by their ends. For ifa f1itabus penlan. manBoth any thing,wherein hefemeth not tofnne, ifhedoth it Aug acntra notforthatendwhichheóught,heisconuincedof/ïnne; for trueJulian. Pelag. vertues,inmenferne God,fromwhom they haue receisredthem.hb.4.ton,.9. Acidwhatfoeuergoodis done ofman, andis notdone for thatforC011o3a. which truewi fedome teachethvs it ought to be done, although in thedutie itfelfeit mayfeemegood, yet the endbeingnot right, it itafnne. And thereforefomegood things may be done,andthey not doeweltofuhom theyare donerhc. Forit is vninO and fa- crilegious to makevice the end ofvertue, and to enforce it barely toferne our voluptuous,couetous, &ambitious lugs. And elfewhere he faith,that vertue oughtnot to waitevpon Augufl.deCi. glorie, honour, andfoueraigntie,which(roodmen didde fire,and uit.Uei.lib.p. indououred to comparebygoodmeaner, but they ought to Waite eap.t z, vponvertue : for thatisrnottruevertue,tebichdoth nottend to that end,which is thechiefegood o fman,before whichnothing is to bepreferred. The which end if wee leaue,and aimeat out owneglorieand praife, though our vertues anda&ions in themfeluesbe neuer fo excellenr,yet theyare búthypocriti- call,andfhall(as our Sauiour faith )-have no. other reward from God but the reward ofhypocrites, the glorieof theMatth.ó.i.i.. ' worldand praife oPmen. And thefeare the condition's which giuevnto all vertue ().SeU.I r. and duties the title ofgoodneffe : Now ifwe take a viewofnot world- thofe meere morali vertues and ciuill duties which haue lirtgrin their heretofore been in Heathen men,andare at this day in our ciuill venues ciuill honeil-worldlings:; wee thall finde noneof thefe con- and workts èb- eruenoneof ditions obferued; for in them theywere ioyned with the theformer con- worfhipofldols and falfe gods, and in thefe with the falfe dawns. wotfhipofthe true God, whereby they -draw neeee veto Godwith their lips,whenas their heartsare farce from him, and contenting themfehies with an outward feruite for fa- fhion and cu!iomes fake,and relling in the deed done, they neuer worfhipGod aright,in fpirit and in truth. To fayno- thingofthefe whocall Godoutofthcir hearts, and fet vp the