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That thecited!vertues ofworldlingt arefalfe& counterfeit. 83 their pride, making them to haue an high conceit oftheir Luke 18.u. owne worth,and incomparifonofthemfelues, tocontemne all others,as wee may fce in theexample oftheproud Phari- fie. Finally, there ciuill worldlings doe not propound to rhemfeluesGods glor ie, as theend of all their vertues and duties, but their owns profit and vaineglorie ; as appearerh in the prac`life of the Romanes, who placed the temple of vertue,and temple of honour together, becaufe they pro- pounded to themfelues honour for the end oftheir verrue, as i4utline obferued ;and may alto cuidently appeare in the uigDe .q. courfc ofciuill worldlings, amongll our felues, which ein- capa,, brace ciuill and morall vertues for their credit, and becaufe they would bewell efleemedamongfl their neighbours; or for theirprofit,hauing herebybetteropportunity to increafe their effaces, in their trades and intercourfe of dealings; which worldlyendsfailing, their honeflie, fidelitie, friend- lineffe,and all other their morall vertues doe faile alto. Seeing therefore there isno worth orexcellencie in thefe 4.Sec`i.I2.. morall ciuill vertues, and dutiesofworldlings, and feeingThat tee are to theydoe nottend to the aduancement of Gods glorie, nor contemne ciuill further the faluation ofour owne foules; yea feeing they ve,tues, and to hung r are nobetter in Godsefleeme, but filthie finnes which are chri/ts righte- guilded ouerwith agloffe ofvertue, & are fo far from fat- ourses. ringvs forward inthe true wayto hcauen, that theyare the matter and groundofadangerous and pernicious tentation of Satanand the world,whereby they defiroy the foules of innumerable multitudes, by perfwading them to ref+ in this morall vertue,and ciuill honeflie, as fufficient for their fàl- nation; and fo to fleepe fecurcly in theirfinnes, vtterlyneg. le&ing true repentance, and found conuerlion unto God, and al the meanesofobtaining a liuely faith in lefts Chrifl, whereby theymightbe iufiifiedbefore God,fan&fied, and faued : therefore feeing it is not only bale invalue, but alto perniciousin his cffeáls; let no worldling hereafter fet his heart on it,and be puffed vp inpride becaufe herein hee ex- cellethothers; butas the ApofllePau/contemned his legall righteoufires,though hee had obtained to filch perfcélion therein,that he lbws vnrehaskeahle, counting it for Chrifl.rfake, and