Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

Gala.zz, Aft.t Sp9 Ie6.9.r4. 62That theeiui/Ivertues ofworld/ingearefalfe &cowseerfeit. the idol! oftheworld, honours, pleafures and tiches,which they fettle in the place ofGod. Soalío their moral! venues andciuillhoneflie, are not ioyned with pietie, and the true feare of God; for howfoeuer there worldlings freme to makeCome confcience oftheir dealings with men, and to Carrie themfelues iufllyin the world,keeping their fidelitie in their words andpromifes,yet they haueno care ofperfor- ming their,dutie towardsGod, but contemne his ferutce, negle& the vermes of the firfl table, which refpe6 God, make noaccount ofblafphemieand curled (wearing,nor of negleutiina and prophaning hisholy Sabbaths. Neither do they embrace .there venues, nor performe thefe duties in loue towardsGod, (for true charitie isa fruiteof the fpirit, and they are flefhlyand carnali) but for felfeloue, that they may the better, Atchieue their worldly deliires. Neither are theyioyned with the true knowledge ofGod and his will, feeing they remaine vtterly ignorant, euen oftheveryprin- ciples ofreligion, hauing only the finali glimfeofthe light ofnaturetoguide them and their owne goodmeaning and blind deuotion toprickthem forward. And therefore wan- ting fattingknowledge, ofneceflicie they be alto deflitute ofa finelyand iuflifying faith;for before we can come vn. toGod by faith,we mufifirfi know that God is, and conic _quently their vernies and duties wanting faich,to applyvn- to themChrifis righteoufnes to couerthem, and hisblood topurge them,do lie open to theeie ofGods iuflice,in their natural! filthineffeand pollution. Neither can they obferue the Apoflles conditions of doing thefe duties with a pure heart anda good confcience; for it isfaith thatpurfeth the heart,andit is theHood ofChri]f, appliedbyfaith,thatyur-- gabourconfciencerfrom deadworker, andenablethtops-Ise the - liming Gad. So alfo,they doe notembrace chefe.vertues, and doethere duties,in obedience to-God,becaufe he hath com- manded them,but eitherforfeare ofmen,or to gaine credit, or auoide fhame, or elfe the better to attaine vnto their worldly ends. Theyare not ioyned with humilitie; for as pride firfi is the Vfher that bringeth them in, andgiueth them intertaitunent ; fo being intettained they increafe their