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Offpiritualf wifdome. 65 wherewithmany are bewitched with ouer much cunning' cozening themCelues both of Gods grace and their owne fal uation,And left for want ofdiflin& knowledge,wc fhould contemne the good with the bad:Iwill firfl thewwhat kinds ofwifdome are warrantable and commendable, that fo we may the better vnderfland what that is which is worldly, wicked, and to be condemned : and afterwards I will let downe fomc reafons to perfwade all Chriflians to contemne andhate it. For the former, we areto vnderfland, that wif- dome is either diuine andfpirituall, or elfe morali and ciuilI. Diuine and fpirituall wifdome is a gift and grace of Gods Spirit, bellowed onlyvpon the eleel and faithful!, whereby we know God andhis will reuealed inhis word,andcareful- ly and confcionablie make aholy vfe of this knowledge in ourhues andconuerfations : where Icall it Diuine, becaufe Godonly is truly wife, and the fountaine ofwifdome, from Rom,ló,zy. whom thofe little fireames, and (mall dropswhich arein vs, doe flow and diftill : where alto I diflinguifh it from that which is diabolical!,euen thedeceitful) wifdomeofthe fub- tillferpent. And I fay that it is fpirituall, not onlybccaufeit proceedeth from the Spirit of God, but becaufe it is alto chiefly exercifed in fpirituall andheauenly things. This wif- thegiftofGod : for as lob faith, With him is wifdome lob ria3.16. andffrength,andhebathcounfellandvnderflanding; andhow- foeuer there isafiritinman,yet theinf ]irarionoftheAlmigh_Chap.3a.8. ttegiueth vnderflanding. AndSalomon faith, that theLordgi- I'rous,6. meth lbifdome,andout ofhis mouthcommethknowledgeandvn- derffanding : whom another imitating, faith,thatall wifdome Ecclef. r.r. commethofthe Lord, and bath been euer withhim, and iswith himforeuer. Now this wifdome theLord giuethby his Spi- rit, and therefore the Spirit ofGod is called theSpiritofwif- Efay ma, dome and vnderffanding, the Spirit ofcounfellandflrength, the Spirit ofknowledgeand ofthefeare oftheLord: and he giueth it not voto all,but voto his eledì and faithful)feruants alone, whoaregood in hisfight,as theWife man fpeaketh. TowhichEcclef..z. 6. purpofe the bonne ofSyrach, (peaking in the perfonofWif- clome,.faith thus : The Creator ofallthing:gameme comma's- Ecclef z4.II, dement, andhethat mademe,appointedme a taberuacle,e ¡aid, F let