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66 Of iritnallivifdotre.. let thydwelling-be inlacoh; and take thine inheritance in Ifrael; androot thyfelfe amongmychafen. And tartly by the Author this fpirituall wifdome is di flinguifhed, from that worldly and carnali wifdorne, whichisinfpired by the wicked fpirit, the ftibtilc world and our ovine corrupt fiefs. L.SeJl.2 Now this diuine and fpirituall wifdome cloth confifiin whtrei4/piri- our knowledge ofGod, and ofhis will, andina holy obe- taallwi;dome diente thereunto, in the whole courfe ofour lines; for it is confìfetb. partly fpeculatitle and incontemplation,and partlypraélicall and inoperation : the former is vfually called fpirituall dome, whereby our ofGodsword we knowgenerally what istruth,andwhat is falfehood, what is good, and what is e- uill ; and anfwerablie in our iudgementsapproue and chufe the one,and condemne and refute theother: thelatter is cal- led fjiritual prudence,wherebywe are able tobring thefor- mer into vfe upon euery fpeciall occa lion, puttingdifference betweene truth and falfehood, good and euill, chufing the one and refuting the other, according to thofe dicers cir. cumfiances, ofperfons, times, places, meanerand ends. So that the former is exercifed in thingsgenerali and neceffary, (hewingwhat is lawful!, and what vnlawfull in it felfe; the other in things fpeciall and contingent, !hewing what is fit and conuenient, and what vnfit and inconuenient in refpea ofcircumfiáces: which differencethe Apofile maketh,where tiCor.6:ra. fpcakingofthings indifferent, he faith, that all things were latbfxll vnto him, but not all things profitableorexpedient. §.Secl.3. Spirituali wifdome therefore conlfleth in the knowledge spiritnau tatf. ofGod, andhis will, ioyned with a praéiicall and holy vfe domeira.'w2yes thercofinour lines and conuerfations ; for without this the etfeand bidi- other is but an idle (peculation, which deferueth not the cget,. nameofwifdome or Ghriflian prudence ;the which is opera- tine, caufng a man to make vieofthat heknoweth, accor- ding to that, Jam. 3. 13. whe is a wire man andinduedenith knowledge among you ? let him fbelb by good conuesfàtionhit worhes,inmeekenerandwifdome.To tshjob purpofe one faith, Ilazianzenin that rho cheefe wifdome isacommendable life, andapure mind A2olog. beforeGod,hysahich the1ure are ioynedwrtb theprere,and theho- affoctited with theholy. And another faith, that that ù trif- demo