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Oftinillwifdome. 6) allfòwiebthir jmplicitieoflife,wefhould ioyne wifedome;for he that doth not mixe prudence with(implicitie, is (according to that ofthe Prophet) asadone deceased without an heart. And Hofe.7.r i. another affirmeth, that weftfkhtedfimplicitie is good Gillebeu.Cup. as it fa excludeth d imulation, as that it be not blinde in the Cant. Cerml: truth. And this isthat diuine and Cpirituall wifedome which is 4,Sec`1.6. oppofed vnto that which is diuellifh, worldly, and carnall; That J rituaU the which is not to be contemned, feeing the wife man tel - roil-Mow is to leth vs that none but fooles defife thiswifedome. Yea contra- behighly eflee- riwife wee are highly to value it,as being a pearleof more ro.r.. worth then all the world, and much to be preferred before the riche(! iewels and moll preciousHones. Towhich pur- pofelobfpeaketh excellently,chap.a8.r3.c3f sn (faith be) knoxeth not the price thereof; for it is notfound in the landof thelining, a 5. Gold'hall not 6egiuenfor it,neither (hall Riser beweighedfor theprice thereof. 1 6. It(hall notbe valuedwith thewedge ofgold ofOphir,nor with the precious Onyx, nor the Saphir. 17. Thegold nor the cryflail [hall be quail veto it, ner the exchange (hallbefor the plate offine gold, i 8.Nomen- tion'ball be made ofCorail, nor ofthe Gabifh ; for wifedome is more precious then pearles. t9. TheTophazofeí£thiopia[nail not beequallvotoit,neither'ball it be valued with the wedge of puregold. And thus alCo Salomonefleetned it, pronouncing themanhleffed that findeth wifèdome, and getteth vnderflan- Pro.;.13.14. ding; becaufe the merchandizethereofisbetter thenflisser,and r 5.and thegaine thereof is better then gold. It is more precious then ?caries; and all things that thou canfl def:re are not to be com- paredveto her, &c. And therefore according to this furpaC- fing excellencie ought euery mans loue to bec towards it: and his care in vfing all good mcanes to attain vntoir, ought as much toexceed thecare ofworldly men in com- paflìng earthly vanities, as this rich ieweil excelleth all worldly trifles. CHAP.