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8$ Of f iritaaall trifedovee, Pfa1.t 19.98.99 titration. By thy precepts l haste gotten vnderflanding; there 104. fore 1 hate allthewales offtlfehood. Ofwhich whofocuer are ignorant(thongh theyexcell in worldly wifedome,yet they) are very looks; as Jeremyconcluded: :Surely (faith he) they Icre.s.4, arepore, they arefooltlb,for they haue not knowne the wayof the Lord,nor the iudgementsoftheir God. 4.Sell.5, And thus it appeareth wherein truewif t}w confifleth; Thetrueproper_ the properties whereof theApofile lames tints defcribeth tics of (f'.rituall The anfedome (faith he) that is from above, isfrigpare, then fcdome peaceable,gentle, eafie tobe intreated, fall of mere*, and good I 3 . fruites,n ithout iudging,wsthoot hypocrite. Vntowhich diucrs others might beadded; as firfi, that it is fpirituall, and exer- cifeth it felfe in fpirituall things, namely in the getting and well orderingofGods fpirituall graces, and in the affttring and furthering the eternall faluation ofour foules. Second.. ly, it is humble and ioyned with meekenes of fpirit; for f© the Apoflle exhorteth him that would be elicemedawife Iatn.3.,3: man and judged with knowledge, to !hewby good conuerfation hisworkes in meeknes ofwifedome. To the fame purpofeone Sommacura faith, that wee mull takefpeciallcare,lell hagingrecetssedwife- prouidendum dome,when it cloth inlighten the darknesofignorance, it doenot eß ne accepta takeaway the light ofhumilitie.efindfe itcannot be trueMife- fapientia,cum dome ; for although tt /hMe with the vertue ofeloquence,yetit iorantiete- doth darken the heart of the fpeaker with the valle ofpride. zebras it/umi- f k nat,lumert Thirdly, it is fincere and fimple, and voide ofall fraude and humilitatistol- diflìmulation. For as our Sauiour Chrifi requireth, that his remains fhould be as tki(asferpents,fo alfoasfimple and in- Mauh.xo.16. nocentasdoues. And the Prophet Dauid faith, that as fhone Pfal.ra9.1o4. astby Gods precepts hee had gottenvnderflandifig, heepre- fently hatedallthewaies offalfehood. To which purpofe Ber- nard fpeakerh to the Church after this manner : Ofpoufe of Chr (faith he) there ought not tobee in thee thew: f dome of thefrpent without theftmplicitie ofthe doue, nor thefimphcitie ofthedoue without thewifedome of theferpent;foras much as 'Demodobenè the wifidomeoftheferpent warneth the dogesftmplicitie tobe- viuend,,Ser.1f ware ofeuils,andtheftmplicitie ofthedone tempereth thewife- dePrudentia dome oftheferpent ,thatitmaydoegood.And a little after hee faith,that areoughtto befofimple in innocencie oflife, as that alto