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Ofciuillwifedeme. 71 hadour cenwerfation in the World. Thirdly, when it is ioyned with truthand fidelitie, lull and vpright dealing. Fourthly, when onely lawfull and good meanes be vied for the effe- ¿ting and accomplifhing ofour defignes, for that onely de- ferueth the name ofwifedome, when by thevfe of honeft and lawfull meanes a mancan bring to paffe things ofdiffi- cultic. Fiftly,when as thereinwee aime at good ends,as the advancement ofGods glorie, the furtherance of his reli- gion the goodofthe Church and Common-wealth,and the benefit and welfare,eitherofour felues, or our neighbours. And laflly,when being indued with this wifedomewee doe not glorie in it, nor fec ourhearts vpon it, preferring it in our loue, before that wifedome which is diuine and firì- tuall,nor truftingandrelyingvpon it more then vponGods promifes.prouidence andaffiftance. Whereby it appeareth, thatifwee will entertain ciuill andworldly wifedome,wee mutt definer it frommany corruptions to whichvfually it is inthralled : andas one faith,ifwebe in louewith this captiue woman hecaufe(heit beautiful! to the f ght, wemuffthane of her alluring haires,take away the deceitful! ornaments ofher inti- Pammachiuw, ctngli,ordr; cat offthedead nailer ofrapine andgreedineff , andcorm'. rraJZhercleave with thatfaller: /eape andniter ofthe Prophet, that is,purgeand reforme heraccording to the doctrine of the Prophets, and word ofGod. And ifthefe cautions bee thus obferued,then is it lawful' to vfe this ciuill policie, and to our douelikefimplicirie,tovide the f rpentine wifedom. As for example, we may inChriltian politicmake queftion ofmens faire pretences, when wee haue no found reafon, whereuponwe may ground ourbeliefe,andmaymake triall beforewefruit them, cfpecially in matters ofgreat impor- tance, hauing for our prefident theexample ofour Sauiour Chrift, who though many profeffed that they beleeued in him,when they taw his miracles, yet knowing theirvncon. 1011.2.. 4. . ftancie, he.would not commit himfelfevnto them. So like- wife we mayvie all good and lawfull policie,topreferue the peaceofthe Church, and to further the Gofpell : and thus Paul by the aduice ofthe other Apoftles affociateshimfelfe with thefoure Nazarites in their purifications and offrings, F 4 as