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72 Ofmorldy lbifidome andwickedpolicie. Afts 25.23.26. as though-himfelfe hadbeen one allo, thathereby he might glue fatisfaëlion to the Iewes, who were zealous in the ce remonialllaw, by fubmittinghimfelfe to the rites thereof." And thus it is lawfull to vfe the like policiefor the auoiding ARsz;.6. ofperfecution; as the Apolile Pau/did, when in that díui- Genef.3 z. ded aflemblie hee profeffed himfelfe a Pharifie. And laco6, whenasbeing in danger ofhisbrother, hevfedall good po_ licie toabate, orat leaflauoid hisfurie. Finally, thefe cauti- ons obferucd, we may lawfully vfe all good policies and Iofua 5.5. dratagems in the timeofwarre, aswe may fee in thepra6fife Iud.zo.z9. oflofiaa, ofthe lfraelites againfl theBeniamites, and ofDa. z.Sam.5.23. uid, guided and infiru6hedherein byGods owne word. §.See .2. And thusmuch concerning that ciuill wifdome which is ofworldly millawfulland good: whereby it may alfoappeare, when it is dome, which is to be efleemed vnlawfulland wicked, namely, when thefe wicked ar Ben cautions are notobferued;as firflof all, when it is ioyned tau(e it is joy- with pride, arrogancie and vaine-glorie for this the Lord aedwith pride. condemneth byhisProphet, forbidding the wifeman togle_ Ierem,9.23.24. riein his wifdeme; but ifhewillglorie, to gloriein this, that bee vnderftandethandknoweth God: So theWife man forbiddeth Prou.3 .7. and vs to bewife in ourauneeyes; tellingvs elfewhere, that there Chap. z6.12. is morehopeofafoole, then ofhimwho is thut wife inhisowns conceit.And the Apofile willethvs, that uveJhonldnot 6e high minded,norwife in ourlefties. Yeafo great is this finne, thata 1r.fayç.zt. grieuous woe isdenouncedagainflit: Woevnto them thatare Tjon totfapien- Wife in their owne eyes, and prudent in their ovine fight. Into tesquot fapien- which finne and woe many fall : who have no true ground tieprofejres. for their conceit, butare fo vtterly deflitute ofwifdorne,that c,ederefefapi- theyhauenot knowledge enough to fee theirignorancc,nor entcmpimu f iflicientwittodifcernetheirfolly. Neither is it a fgne of adfluiorn grades, prasi- truewifdome tomake a thew thereof, teeing there are not maseftpvofi. fomany wife, asprofefforsofwifdome :and (as one faith) If teri. wewere trulywef,wewould not think?fo;muehleffeboaflofit, Petraich. do for to conceit a mans owne wifedome is thefirfl degree to remed,uialog. folly;. and the next ílep is, toprofeffeand vaunt ofit : whet- z. ;retie prudencia as he who is trulywifeglorieth not in that hebath, but fee. ;retiefuperbir? inghis defeôls,groneth for that he wanteth. To whichpur- at noneftpea- p ofeanotherdemandeth;Dsefthou faithhe waxeproudin resfieî