Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

?heEpifile Dedicatoriv. gumenr,whereinyour felfe mayatyour beft leafure meditate ; feeing on the one fide the greatnes ofyour place, and height ofyour Honors andpreferments may(without your greater vigilance and circutnfpeEtion) in- cline your affections too much to the loue of thefe earthly things; and on the other fideyour age (unto which God adde many yeares for his owne glorie, the Churches good,andyour owne euerlatling comfort) isnot likely in courfe ofnature to allowvn- to you any long poffeßîon of thefe mo- tnentanie things. In regardof bothwhich, your Honour cannot bee toowell armeda- gainft the immoderate loueof thefeworld- lyvanities, nor haue your heart too much inflamed with that diuine loue of Heauen, and thole moft glorious.ioyesin Godspre- fence,whichyou thalt inherit for euermore becaufe hereby you [hall inioy Gods bief- fings more fecurely whileft youhaue them, when as yourheart is not fo fixed on them but thatyou can bee contenttokaue them; andpart with them alto with ioy andcom- fort,when as you areaffüred, that you that( exchange them for thole heaucnly ioyes, and