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Thatworldly tbifdomeandpolicie is tobecontemned. 8 t whichwas vied in his daies, faith that it con//iledingatherinQAuguftin, ad treafure, andinfcraping together worldly goods, in lying, pea_ tratr,in crcuso ring, cunning peruerting oficiftice, and[itch like cariageinall ferm.36. thúrcourfes; allwhich (faith he) is but meerefooliflineflè :n the fight of God. So another fpeaking according to the experi- ence ofhis times, faith, that this is thewifdomeofthe world,toGregor.mora /, hide theheart *rth cunning deuices, to difguifea mans meaning, caps6, with hiswords,to make thofe thingswhicharefalte tofeeme true, and thofe things whichare true toappearefalf. This forfoeth is that wifdome lvbich isknewne ofYongmen byvie, and learnedof childrenat dears rates: who fo know this, they thew theirpride in des`» fngothers, and thofewhoareignorant hereof,asvnderlingr andtimorous perfont admireit in thofe that haueit ; becaufe this famedaublene , being cloakedwith iaiquitie, is lowedof them..., whiled peruerfitie ofmind is calledcourtlineffe. This wifedome commandeththofe that obey it, to clime into the higheftfsate of honor, and to reioycein the vanitie oftemporallglorie, when they haue obtained et ; to take manifoldreisengeforJingle inittries : to gioie place to none that oppofe again/t them, as long as their ltrengtb la3leth, but when allpoffibilitie ofpowerfaileth them, that which they are-not able toatchieuebyprofefdmalice, they mull dill bydifembiingpeaceable kindneffe. But contrariwife, this is thewifdome oftheiuif, to famenothing in outwardfhew, todeclaretheir meaningby their words, to loue truth, andawoid fal/toad, todogoodfreely, and tofufereuillmorewillingly then to doit, not toPeke reuengeofiniuries, but to thinke it gaineto be reprochedforthe truth.But this (mplicitie ofthe iu/b isfcor.. ned, becaufe the vertue of innocence is by worldlings efteemed follie. For whatfoeuer is done innocently, is que.Ftaonleffe with them thought foaligi, andwhatfoeuer in any worke thetruth ap. proueth, that foundeth asfilly to carnaliwifdome. For whatcan [vinemorefooldl, to theworld, then tv fhewa mans meaning by his words, not tofaineany thing with cunning fetches, to offerno contumeliesfor injuries received; toprayfor them that cnrfe; to feekepouertie, to leaueprefentpoffefons, not to rep him that takethby violence,to turne theother cheeks to him thatfmiteth? &c.But what is thought an abomination to theefEgyptians,tbat the Ifratlites offerto God,and thisfmplicitie ofconfcience which G z1$