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82 That worldly roifedomeandpolicie is tobe contemned. allvniulï world/myde.ff ifeereweake andabiell, is made thefa- criiceofehesuii, And another oflatter times complaineth, Gillebert, fup, that wellfightedfmplicitie, which isfo void of diimulation, as Cant. ferm.ia, that it to not blindin thetruth,is in thefe dales a rarebird to be foundon earth, or i fher haunt 6eany tbhere,it is veryfecret,and hidin the clefts of the rockes, and 'inhollowwalles, orabout the riuerbankes. For haw ie the domes eye offimplicitie obfcured and hid? who nowfolloweth not theworlds deceits? who ioyeth not to vife them ?who ¡aneth not to haste them,or to bePaidthat hebath them inhim? who is not aJhamedofthe doues eyes, andglorieth not in theeyes ofkitet? &c. And ifthiscomplaint wereiul}ly taken vpby there men in thofe titnes,howmuch morewould they haue inueighed again£} this wicked policie of the worid,ifthey had hued to haued read Machiauels Leélures ofdiuellifh impietie, and feene the praé}ife ofmany of his fchollers, who farre excel] their mafler in the deepeskill of worldly fubtiltiesand hellifh rnyf}eries? §.Sei7. 13. And thus haue I £hewed how wicked thisworldly wife- Thai worldly dome is in it felfe,and hurtfúll to others.ln thenext place let tv;fdomewider- vs confider what it is to thofethat vie it; where vpon due ,ßandethnot the examination we£hall find, firf} that it doth not bring vnto fßirituallthings > > efGod, them any trueprofit:fecondly,that it isexceedinghurtfull.It profiteth not:for firti,whereas thechiefe vie ofcvifdomeand vnderf}andingisto know the fpirituall things of God, and themeanes and mylieriesofour faluation, theeye ofworld- lywifdome isnot onlydimme righted, but CUM f}arke blind indifcerning this light; and as he that hath no eyes cannot t,Cor,a,to,tt poffïblie fee, becaufe hewanteth the organ and infirument offeeing; fo it is as impofible that the carnali worldling (how wite foeuer hebe) lhould perceiue the things ofGod, becaufe hewanteth the infirument ofthis fpirituall difcer- ning , cuen the Spirit ofGod,whereby alone the darkemind ofrnan is illuminated with the knowledge ofthe truth. And this reafon the Apof }le rendreth of the ignorance ofcarnall a.Cor.2.,r4 worldlings, where he faith; 7hae the assesera/I man perceirteth not the things oftheSpirit ofGod, for they arefool f mete vnto him; neither.canheknow them, becaufe they are£:ritually cerned, Rut he that isfpirúualldifcernethallthinQs.And there- fore