Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

84 Worldy !biredomeandpolicie ù to be contemned. the is full oflight,but being auertcd and turned from it,doth loieall,fauingonl afhadowoflightwhich is herone:fo whenwe let our face w ce vpon the Sunnc ofrighteoultes Iefus Chrifl, and depend vpon his inliru6lion for our illumina- tion,we are full ofthe light offauingknowledge; but when we turne our backs vpon him, we lofe all ourbrighrnes,fi.. uing that light ofnature and ofcarnal] wifedome, which in comparifön of this fpirituall light offauingknowledge, is no better then a fhadow. Betides, when they are proudof thisearthly trafh,the Lordwill not giue them the true trea- lure; and becaufe they glorie fo much in a glitteringcoun- ter, that they forget the giuer, the Lord will not vouchfafe tobeflowvpon them hispure gold and riche(} jewels. Nei- ther doe they,bcingconceitedoftheir ownewifedom,make anyaccount ofthe wifedomeofGod,andknowledgeofhis will,norvfe anymeanes appointed by God to attainevnto it : yea their own carnallwifedome (opuf eth them vp with pride,thatin companion thereof,theyskorne the wifedome r.Cor.t.t8, ofGod, andof hisGofpell, and efleeme it no better then meerefoolifhnes. And therefore nomanuell if the Lorddoe withhold his giftsfrom thole that doe contemne them, and denie to giue this precious, pearle ofheaueclywifedome, and fauingknowledge, to thefe filthie fwine,.who would buttread it vnder their feete. To this purpofe onefaith, that Gregor.Moral. thofecannot behold the wifedome ofgod,who are wife in their dib.3y,cap.iy. owneeyes ; foras muchas they arefofardillantfrom this light, as they are from being humble in themfelues :for lbhilefi the fwellinQofprideBath lucreafe in theirmindes,it loth dimmethe fight of contemplation,andThen theybegin to imagine that they thinemore then others, then theydeprime thcmfelues of the light oftruth. Finally, worldly men make an idoli of their wife- Adveramja- dome,.byrruf}ingin it for their prouifion andprote&&ion, pìentiamveni- more thenvpon God himfelfe; and therefore Godsfpirit, renenpoffsnt which is the fountame of true wifedome, will not lodge in gui faya luxfa that heart,where this idoli is ere&ed,neither will God and pinata fiducia this earthlyDagondwell togcther.So the fameauthor faith, decipúnear. that the cannot attainvista true wt edome, which are decei- Gregor.Moral, y f lib,s 7.eap,t g,sodwith the confidence oftheir owne wifedome,wbich isfalfe and counterfeit,