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Worldy lbifdomeandpolicie is to becontemned. 85 counterfeit, &c. And henceit is that the Apoflle 'Paul per- fwadeth thofewhoare carnally wife to become fooles, that fo theymight attainevnto true wifedome. Let no man (faith r.Cor.3 .t8. he) deceits:. himflfe. Ifany manamong you[ceme to belbifein7lelinguamus thisworld,let himbeafoole that hemay belbtfe. And the for- "oxamlapien- tiam, dt/camtt mer author exhorteth vs to forfabe thishurtfullwifedome,aud landabilemCa- to learne this laudable follie, becaufe it is written, that God tuitatem.Gre- bath chufen the foolifh things of the world to confound the gor.Moral.lib. wife. 37.cap.zy. Secondly,thiscarnal &worldly wifdomBoth not certain- r.Cor.7.z7. 1 affure vs ofthevainethings ofthis life forthe cb afling Y p a 4Yurldly ví¡- whereofit imploieth all his flrength : for feeing it oppofeth demedothynor it Celle againfi God,and trufleth and dependech wholly vp- certainlyafore on it owneabilities,thinking to thriue in euill deugnes by menofthet vain the vfe ofwicked meanes; therefore the wifedomeofGod t°`ngs of this oppofeth againfl it,bringing it to nothing, andmaking all thefe deepe policies and cunningdeuices vaineand fruflrate; asappearethboth by teflimonies ofScripture andexamples. lJauid faith that the worldlings deceit is vaine, and not- Pfal.rt9.t t8. withflanding their policiesGod treadeth themdownwhen they depart from his flatuces. And the Apoflle tellechvs, that godwilldeßroythe wifedomeofthewife andlbill cal away i.Cor.t.r9. the vnderflandingoftheprudent,thatthe wifedom oftheworld, Efa. z9. 4. and the Princes ofthe world, commeth to nought : and that their wifedomeisfoolifbnes,becaufehecatcheth thewifein their tCor.z.6. caneeraftineffo. And howfoeuer their policies may feeme Chap.3.r9. deepe in themfelues, and their counfels vnrefiflable by hu- manepower; yet feeing they plot them againfl Godhim- felfe they cannot /land : for, as the Wife man teácheth vs, thereis nowifedome,neithervnderfianding nor counfell aQainff ['rou.zt.3o; the Lord.Examples hereofwe haue in the builders ofßabel, whofe policies andpower theLord fooneaefeated,by con- foundingtheir languages: InPharaoh,whowhéhe thoughtExod.r.1o. todoe moll wifely,was fruflrateof his end,and indefpiteof all his policyGodspeople weredeliuered,andhe deflroied. InAchitophel, whole fubtill counfell tooke no effeéï, be- z.Sam.t7.r4; caufe, as the text faith, God was purpofed to defiroy it. In Jlarnan,whowith hiscunning policies broughthimfelfe to G3 the