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88 Worldy lbifedomeandpolicie is to be contemned. they quite forgetthe way to the kingdome ofheauen ? §.Sel7.i8. Finally,this worldly wifdome doth not priuiledgemëfrô Worldly wife_ Godsfearefuljudgements, neither witthisfubtil fence ward domecloth tiSt offthedowne right blowesofhis punifhing hand: itcannot priu :ledge men exempt men fomuch as from a temporariedeath, foras the fromGods far- P ful iudgements. Pfalmill faith, the wifemedie,ae wel as the fooli/h, p-leaue their Pfalm.49.t o. richer onto others. Much leihe can it free them from eternal! a.Thef.r.s. vengeance, which (hall beinfli6led on allthat doe not know God, nor obey theGalaofour Lord lefnaChri.Ft. For ifSatan himfelfe, who farre excelleth all men in wifdome and fub_ tile policie,cannot withall his wit and long experience,find outany tricke or fhift toefcape damnation, howmuch !elk (hall they whocome farre behindhim inthis skill andcun- ning?Andif e/lchitophel the arch-poli titian, whole words wereoracles, couldnot with all his wifdome, when he was purfuedwith Gods it'll vengeance,procurea pardonofhitn- felfe, for himfelfe, nor fo much as intreate a repriuefrom his ownefurie, but ratherthen iuflicefhould not beexecuted became his owne hangman, and not waiting for outward force, did with his owne hands wilfully cafi: his foule into hell fire :howmuch leffe (hall they obtaine a pardon ofehe righteous Iudge ofheauenand earth, when atthe greataßî- fes theyThal be called to an accoút for all theirMachiauelliá trickes, and diuellifh policies, wherewith theyhaue difho- notedGod, circumuented and iniured theirneighbours,and made deepewounds in their owne confciences? i.Ser<i.i9. But as this worldly wifdomehelpethnot, fo contrariwife Thatwarldlr it exceedinglyhurteth, for as it maketh men fooli(h unto wifdome wit mach god, foexceeding politicke and prone to a61 the works of Burt, darkeneffe: according to Gods complaint by hisProphet ; Iereta.4.ez. (í12y peopleto fooislhandhatenot knotbneme, they are fooliíh children, andhatee no vnderslanding; they are wife to doeui!1, bat todo welltheyhaue no knowledge. And though in rapine, greedie fcraping, andcunning circumuenting all that deale with them, theyhaue as many eyes as efirtst, and areas (harpe Lighted asthe Eagle: yet in the workesofGod,and in Ioltn 7.48.and the duties ofloue, theyare as blind as beetles or moales. It 12.43. hindrethmen from profeflion ofreligion, becaufe it is ioy- ned