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Ao Worldly wifdome is to hecontemned. toowife todepend vpon him, they become fo foolifh as to oppofe again(}him : fo the Apofile faith, that the wifdonteof Rom.8.7. theflesh to emnitieagainJ3 god; and the Lordcomplaincth of EfaY 47.50. Baby!on, that herwifdomeandknowledgecastled her to rebel!; and to fay in herheart 1 amand there is none elfe. And confe- quently, this carnali andworldlywifdome bringeth deflru- diion : for when in pride ofheart they oppofeagainfi God, thenheallo oppofeth againll them, and their rebellion ter- neth to their own ruine :yeahe turneth their ovinewifdome to their deftruölion, and intangleth them in their ovine wi- lie fnares, which they haue laid for others. So it isPaid, that r.Cor.3.59. Godcaec/.seth th rnij'èin their oncecraftineb,and after he bath dggedapie, hecatefeth him tofallinto ithimfelfe , andmaketh his mifehiefe toreturnevponhisowne head. And thus was Jero- boam infhared in thole nets oflubtiltywhich hhnfelfe made; for fearing left the people bygoing to theTemple at Ierufa- lem, and conuerfrng with their brethren, the menof luda, might beperfwaded to leaue him, and to reunitethemfelues to thekingdotne ofDauid;hepolitikely deuifed to (laythem .Kings r z, z6, from this reuolt,byereainggolden calues inhisownecoun- 27. zs. trey,thatin them thepeoplemight worfhip God,and face a labouringoing further; butas theSpirit ofGod obferueth, This thing tanned to finiteveto the houle oflereboam, euen to roote it out, anddeliroy it from the face ofthe earth. And Xing' 53.34. thelikemightbe PaidofSaul, Achitophel, Haman and many others. And though thefe wifeworldlings could with their fubtilepolicies elcape this deflruf ion in this life, yetit will fitrelyouertake them in the life to come,and callthem head- long into the pit of perdition for as theApofllefaith, the Rom .8.6. wsdonaeofthe ßejh.carefethdeath : that is, not onely thefirfl death, wherebythey die unto rightcoufnes andall goodnes, but allo the leconddeath, whereby dying they fhall neuer die, but hue todie that dying life, or !suing death, in thole iutollerable andeuerlafting tormentsofhell fire. 4.Sell.zI. Seeing therefore thisworldlyand carnallwifedomeisfo That weare to euill and wicked initfelfe; and the caufe of fomany euils cheemne world- vntovs ; let vs not enuie worldlings this their happineífe ie labour a. and wherein they fo muchboaft and glorie; butlearne to con- temor _