Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

To theChrillianReader. He Chriflian mans life is a continual)warfare, wherein bee isdaily a/faulted (1 knownot whe- ther, withgreaterfubtiltie orfurie, policieor ' power) by threepuiffant enemies, thediuell,the the world,and theflefh; euery oneofwhichhauemany legi- onsvnder their condutl, which areready tofecondandfuc- cour them,when theygiuefgneofbattaile.The diucllit the grand captaine, andgeneraliof allthefe forces; the world andtheflefh,are chhiefe commanders vnderhim, whohaue many millions of#irituall enemies vnder their enfignes, that continualliefight again/'vs. Satanordereth the bat- taile,andguidethalltheft forcestohis heftadüantage, and our ruin; the world mini reth vnto him weapons and munition, whereby thisfight is maintained; andtheft?) likea wicked traitoropeneth thegates ofour pules whenwe are affaulted,and receiuing thepay ofworldly vanities,ioy- nethwith theft externallforces to workourfinalouerthrow. TheOmofthisfght is either their,orour vil7orie; thefr- mer is accompanied with thedittels triumph, andour per- petuall captiuitie andthraldome in thechaines ofdarknes ; yeawith the molt exquifiteand ineffable torments of hell fire : the other,withthe crowneofvit7orie which ourgreat o.Cor4.1 y. Commander, theLordofhofls,hathpromilid to tholethat ouercome euen that fuperexcellent andeternal'waight of gloriereferuedin the highefl heauens. Theconfideration whereof,aait/houldmoueall Chr!i- ,insvaliantly tofight the Lords battailes, to forget allla- boo,