Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

xi S Reafonsmeuing to thecontempt ofvnfissitfullit otrledge. 1h11and refufe to runne, or isfluke lame in all his limmes, and not able to fet one foote forward in the way; fìß itwill nought auaile vs for the obtaining ofthis crowne ofeternal happincfl'e,thatwee cleerely fee the wayofrighteoufheffc; ifwe wilfullyrefufe togo inir,or wanting all othervenues, whichare the finewes and ftrength ofthe foule,we,through thisfpirituall lamenes,be vnable to fetforward in the race. Secß,e. And thus it appeareth that this idle and vnfruitful know- That vnfruit_ ledge doth notprofit vs,and therefore is not tobevalued or fullknowledge eßeemed :but niscch more arewee todefpife andcontemne dish moth boa it feeingit clothnot onelynot bringvs any good,butalfo r vs; ofo1r to muchhurt anddifaduantage,and that.both in this life and in bodies; the life to come : in thislife it hurteth bothour bodies and our foules; our bodies by weakning them, our foules by vexing and corrupting them. For though this knowledge be idle,light and vaine,yet it isnot idlyprocurcd,or bought withthe light coyne of fome.finall labour, but it is purcha- fedat dearcrates,and attained, vntowith much (ludic and cxceffue paines,which abateth the flreugth,impaireth the health,ánd oftentimesbringeth the bodie into deepe con- fumptions, and deadly difeafes. Yea the more. vaine the knowledge is, the more labour commonly itrequireth,as being muchmore my(licall and fubtilly curious, then that whichisfolid and fubflantiall.Towhich.purpofe onefaith, that onlyunprofitable truthBeth hidden in the deepe; and that ?yulltu ;ni dif reehauenocarafetocomplaintofhardmeafure; becaufe thereis lcilis inuentio nothingdifficult in findingout, bit whole findingisaceom e/t,nifrcuino in- parried with thisonlyfruit, that the hauefound it ; a.ud whatfo uentæ,bienwru uerma true to make vs betterand.mora /cfd,that flesh in fesítnseff,ix_ y ueni,Te,&c.Se- the openplaine, andnetreat hand. In which refpcél there cu- rious priersand fearchers into hiddenmyßeries and abfirufe bencf.cap.r. knowleçlge,are notvnfitlyscompared toSpiders, who fpend their owne bowelsto make their curiouflywroughtwebs, whichabla(l ofwinde,or,a fmali brothofa beefome,doe ,take away,.and bring to nothing : for fo thefe, doe fpend their flrength,impaire theirhealrh, and fhorten their liues, in attaining fuch a flight and vaineknowledge, aswill not uphold them, when she leaftblaf of;tent.acioubloweth vp- an