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Reafons mooing to thecontempt ofvnfruitfu/l knowledge. 't o9 on them; and toile themfelues in taking farre greaterpaines to attaine veto this frothie, idle, and vnprofitable know- ledge,which cannot priuiledge them front death and de- firuefion; thenthey fhould need to take for the obtaining ofthat found, fubfiantiall, and fauing knowledge, which bringeth with it euerlaflingble{fedneffe. And in the fame refpedtheir curiousknowledge, may fitlyberefcmbled to curious imagerie,grauenorcanted in fumptuous buildings ; which feruing only forornament and fhew, doth neuerthe- leffe requiremore cofiand labour, then themaiue pofis and pillars which vphold the building, and make it profitable for thevfe ofthe inhabitants : for fo thefe idle fpeculations, feruing onely for ornament and difcourfe, and to gaine the applaufe and wonderofmen tothofe thathaue them,for their fubtile wits,and deepe reaches, doe require more flu- die and labour, and fpend.more time in attaining to them, then the chicle pillars,and fundamental) principles ofChri- füan religion,which are neceffarily required toour building vp in our holy faith, and to the euerlafiing faluationofour bodies and foules. And as this vaine and vnfruitfull=knowledge doth hurt 4.Se17.6. our bodies.; fo alfoour foules by corrupting and defiling Vufruitfull them with finne. Forwhen worldly minded menfind that knoatedgemath they doe herein excell others,inRead ofbeing thankful vn- rfpet7ofour toGod for hisgifts,or humbled in confederation ofthat ac- fiu,s, firß,aut count which they areto makeofthe Lords talent, they arc puffetb vs vp prefentlypuffed vp with pride, andboth forget God, and withpride. difdaine their brethren. And thus the Apofile faith, that knowledge puffeth.vp,butloge eel:firth. Yea,aud not only they Cor,B r.. who haue attained voto this knowledge in greatefi mea- fure,are fubie& to this fwelling difeafe ofpride(for as I faid, oftentimes thoR whohauemoli knowledge, doe the more clearely fee howmany things theyknow not, and therefore are no more exalted With the conceit of that '.theyknow, then deie6led and humbled- in the fightoftheir.ignorance) .. but alfo(yea and efpecially)thofe whohaue but a finattering ofknowledge,andare but a little warmed in this funfhine, arefopuffed vpinconceit thereof that.they forget.God,aud them-