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z z o Reafans 'nettingvs to thecontempt ofWorldly learning. themfelues too. And this reafon the Apofile rendreth, why hee would not haue aBifhop to bee a young fchollar,leff r.Ttm.3 (meafuring his worth according to his aduancement) bee fhouldbepuffedvp,ar,dfofallinto the condemnationofthediaell. And hereofit is that one faith, thefwcllmg hill ofpriderailed Afceni domini vpon theopinion ofamans aune,knowledge,ra theworfi andmoft fe:m.4. dangerous; 'Limn Which neuereheleffeme mayfie eaenatthis day, manyoftalefonnes ofefidam,creeping along lbithgreatdare; asifthey didnot know howmuch their father in liming ofthat htll,defcendedyeabowgrieaouflteheft!,andhow fearefully byhis fa /l,hdc wholepofteritie*as deieEtedand ¡bruited in peeces. The wounds which were inflidled on thee in afcendmg this hdl,a!- though thouwailyet in thy fathers laines,arenotyet cured; and doeit thou nowin thineowne perfonflriue to clime vpon it, and fo to make thelabt errour norfe then thefief ? O thatthis dam- p falm.4.z. nabledefire fhould/tillpofffewretchedmen.' Oyefountsofineat, how lang being flow inheart, willyou lone vanitie, andfeeke lies! 4.Set.7. But as this idle and vnfruitful knowledgedothmakemen ynfrairfsli fwell inpride,and felfeconceit,foBoth it makeallour other knewieddeeg- finnes to fwell alfo inGods light, increafng their guilt, and grauatet our e- making their faultineífe,great and monftrous. For where- :her fianco, as ignorance,ifit benot wilful! (though it doth not take fin away,yet)itmuch leííeneth it,knowledge contrariwife doth muchaggrauate it, making it to bee contemptuous,and re- bellious; againftthe confcience,and prefumptuous,asbeing committed wittingly and willingly, and with anhigh hand againfl God,negle lingand defpifing hiswil andcomman- dements reuealed vntovs. And this appeareth byour Saui- Iohn9.43. ours cenfure of the Scribes and Pharifies ; If (faith hee) yee were blind,yefhouldnot hauefinne;but nob yefay,we fee, there- foreyourftnne remaineth. And the Apoftle implieth, that if his fnnes ofblafphemie and perfecution, had bin ioyned withknowledgeofGods will, hee fhouldneuer hauerecei- 1.Tim.t.t3. uedmercie. Soalfo it increafeth the greacneffe ofourfins, by adding unto them the flanes ofothers, intowhich they led and plunged them, bygiuing fcandall andoffence ; for it is athong inducement to mouean ignorant man to com- mit