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zz z Ofbeautïe. 4.Sta.9. Seeing therefore this idle, and vnfruitfitll knowledge is That weare te net onelyvaine and vnprofitable, but alfo exceeding hurt.. labourafte, la- full,both in this Iife,and the life to come; let vs not elleeme aing knowledge. andmain it, but contemne and defpife it, labouringafter that fruitful! knowledge,'which alone will make vs wife to z.Pet.t.5% our faluation. And as the Apofile Peter exhorteth, let our knowledge bee lincked in the chaise of all other ver- tues, feafoned with pietie, and the true feareofGod, and . fruitful! in allholy obedience; and then,though it make not fogreat a flourifh in worldly difcourfcs, nor winnethe ap- plaufe and praifeofmen; yet fhall it makevs approoned ve- toGod,and will certainely guidevs in thatway, which in the end will bring vs to endleffe ioy, and heauenly hap- pineffc. CHAP. XIII. That beautie is to beecontemned in;refpeEl o ffpirittlall graees,or heauenly excellencies. §.Sea.!. === _ Nd thus much concerning the tentations of That beautie it _ worldly profperity,arifng from the faculties ' g ood,as being _; and properties ofthemind. In the next place thegift ofGod. wee are to intreate offuch,as haue their be- ginningand growth from the properties and qualities ofthe bodie; asfor example, from beautie,flrength, andhealth. For howfoeuer there are all good in themfelues,as I(hall particularly fhew,yet they are abidedthrough the maliceofthe diuell, and our owne cor.. ruption,as baites toallure, and drawvs unto finne. Concer- pulchritude ring the firf!'Beautie(as Auflin defineth it)isaproportionable corporis cil can- um,eumco g ruit y> and f t agreement o f allthepartsofthe body Coined with gruentiapari- qua. acertainefia°eetneffeofcolourandcountenance.The which init dam coiorir owne nature is good, as being a giftofGod, the which bee fuauitate bellowed ingreatefl meafure vpon our firfl parents in their Auguß.ad Ne creation,and farre aboue anyoftheirpofleritie, whom finne bridium. defaced and deformed,as wel in theirbody asin their foule; and referuetha farmolt excellent degree and portion there- of