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O,Fbeautie. t r3 offor the glorified Saints of hcauep. And this isacknow- ledgedbothby Heathens and Chriftians; for cues theEth- nicke Poet could fay that, Beautie is t hegifr of God. And Forma dei mu. with hin, agree the Ancientsofthe Church. One faith, that nus.0aid. beautie isa part ofthebodiesfelicitie,a bountiftelLduantage, or Terwtdecult. acce/onofthedrainscreation, anda citedand eomelgarment fceminlrb. and ornament oftheJoule. And another : OLord tint tuafans, are thine, and are ood,becau a thou the chic a oodnera haft bonafa a g f f Ji !a bona. ir7a created them; and thereis nothing in them ours, utourfnnrin ereajh,&c. ouerloutng them;for negleElingal ardently are readie tapreferre Auguft.dc ti- the creature, above thee whohaft createdtr. Aud sAmbrofe uir.dc, Jiba g, cap, faith,that there isnofault in beautie, ifitbefreefromcounter- .d,s dzs. eft, nut. faitingart;andifallurement ceafe ,fauorand thegraceofbeauty, lameti< crime* are to6e e//cernedinnocent andfaulsies. Yea, itisafithabitad- deeorir,&c. on for vcrtue,modeflieandfhamefaftnes todwel in; and as a Ambr.lib.r. ood workman vfuall worketh be when he hath fit mat- ep'ft'44 g y Ambr.otoc. ter,fo modeftiedoth modexcell,when it is feared inabeau- lib.r.cap.r9. tífullbodie,fo that this beautie be notaffeéìed, but naturali and limpie. Yea,the fpirit ofGodhimfelfe doth takenotice ofit,in chofe vponwhom itwas beflowed,and affordeth vu- toit,due and fit commendations. ThusSara,7Zebeccah,Ra- Gcn.ts.r4: bel,lofeph, and many others are Paid to haue binvery faire 0.'7- 24.16.6- 6'.391. and beautiful!; andwhenGod reftored and augmented the pprofperirie oflob, it is fpecially rioted as an extraordinarie blefììng,thathe hadnot onlymany children, but that in all job0.t I. thelandmere no womenfoundfofaire ae the daughters offal,. But we fhall not need to fay much ofthis point, feeing by inflin&ofnature, all menowe a kind ofhomage tobtautie weerethey find it, and being much delighted therewith do extraordinarily fauour and refpea it. And therefore onebe- Arîltot:apud ingasked,whybeautiful!thingswerefo muchl<oued,anfwe- Stoba:um red,thatnone but ablind man need toaske fuch aqueflion. But to fay nothing ofHeathens, euen the Saints andfer- uants ofGod hauebinmooned thereby to loue and liking. ThismadeJacob topreferre Rachel beforeLeah; thismade Gen-29.3o.' (Aloft:mother to fauour and refpe6ì him,and in fauing him aliuebecaufehemaifatre,tohazard herownelife. And holle Exod.s.a. Samuelbeing affeetedwith .hliabtbeatific, cencluded here_ I upon