Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

J3eautiefueredfrom traevertueis tobecontemned. I r y worth, momentanic, and oftentimes butofadalescontinu- ance ; yet there arcmany fodeftituteofall goodneffe, that for want of better matter in them, they are proud of this vaine fhadow ; and beingvoid ofvertuc, by their beautie a- lone do fcemevnto themfelues glorious.Moreouer,it isthus abufed, whenas we do toomuch affel & ferour harts vpon it, and fpend ouer much time and labour either in getting, preferuing, orincreafng ir, negledting in the meant time things ofmore neceffitie and greater value:vntowhicha- bufe vaine worldlings, (efpccially of the weaker fex) are much addíeted, who fuperflitioufly abftaine from thofe things which theymolt loue ; and are content to vfethofe things which they loathe,to get orrecouer this vanity;thin kingnopaines coo much, no punifhment which they take on thcmfelues toogreat, nor theirprecious health too deare, togiue for the purchafe ofthis fading trifle; and fpending more time in the combing and curling of their haire, in wafhing, fweating andbathing, drefling and trimming,and in manyother their hiddenmyfteries, (of which wilful! ig- norance is no finne,and thereof! amnot afhamed herein of my fimplicitie) then in all their fpirituall devotionstowards God, or their duties of Chriflianitie towards their neigh. bours; fo that nobodic that is wifewould enuie vnto them their fuppofed happiueffe, confifling in this vainbeautie, if hedidbutconfider at what dcarc rates it isbought, and how much more excellent things they do in themeane timelofe, whileft theyare procuringor preferuingthis triflingvanitic. Finally, thofe abide it vnto.fimtewho ouervalue it in them- feluesor others, preferring it before the giftsof the mind, vertue, Gods fanetifying graces, and themeanes oftheir fal- uation ; yeamore efteemingofthis perifhing fauour,then of the eternall fauourand loue ofGod, for howfoeuer this gift ofbeautie begoodas proceeding fromGod;yet it:is incorn- pardonofthe former ofno excellencic, being a good tem- poral!, carnal], andofthe meaneft and lowett degree, and therefore it is impioufly loved (as one faith) when inre fieFE Auguft.deCi. thereof, the eternallCod, ourinternallandfempiternallgoodne$ uit.Dei.lib.t9; ár negleUed; but as righteoufneffeiaforfaken, and goldlowed of "Pal, 13 couetons