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t t 6 Beau; iefettered from truevertue, is to Ge contemned. though in the incane time our minds and foulcsbe vglie and deformed : for the inward beautie of the mind ought not to befettered from the outward beautie niche bodie, feeing (as Plutarch. A, one faith) beautie is the flower which fpringeth from the macor.Tom.z. root ofvertue and therefore being parted from it, it muff Enpsd, ¿n needs wither and come to nought: towhich purpofeano_ cedipo. thee faith, that the mind is more tobe regarded then the bo- die; for the outward beautie profireth not, when a good mind is not ioynedwith it: neither is that to beefleemed a perfc&beautie, but lame and tnoflvnperfe&, which conic. Beth in the outward colourofthe skin; when the mindand foule is vglie and deformed: for what is this better then a faire cabinet full offilth and rubbifb, and a goodly fepuchre full offiench and rottennes? which is not indeed truly beau- tifull, but onlyfeetneth fo, through the imperfe&iou ofour Arifior. spud fight;for if as one faith our des like the Linxes could pierce Bonfoab. into the inward parts; i rather ifwe could fee asGodTeeth Confol.lib.;. P i , profit. thefecrets of the heart and reines, then should wee more loathe and abhorre them for their inward vglineffe and fil. chineffe, then admire orlike themfor their outwardfeature: and therefore it is not theirowne naturall excellency,which intitleth them to the nameofbeautie, butthe weakeneffe of our fight which can pierce no deeper then theoutfideofthe skin :and therefore offuch it is faid,not abfolutely that they were beautifull, butonly that theywere faire rolooke vpon, 2.Sam.14.27. Let none then content themfelues with this Ism painted fcabard, which hath in it but a woodden or leaden dagger, nor take delight in this flower whichhath a faire colour,butno fweetneffe:but feeino we are all asthe flowers of the fcld,letvslabour to becomerotes inGods garden,ha- uiug the beautieofcolour ioyned with the fweetnes ofver- tue, that fo when the outward complexion is faded, the o- dour and perfumeofa godly lifemay Bill remaine. $.Self.4. Againe,this beautie is abufed, when as inconceit thereof seaut¿e becam_ thole that Itaue it are puffed vp with pride,and Co forget God methesitiwben who gaue it, and all dutie which they owe voto hitn,and wareproudef defpifetheirneighbours,ascommingfarrefhortoftheirex- iyorfitour cellencies; for howfoeuerthis beautie be vaine andoffmall hearts vivo it. worth,