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Beatific festeredfrom true vertue,is tobecontemned. IT) is nothing inferiour to that n hich lieth open to thevtetb, and isdei,r,in hoeM. feebieEt to thefenfes; for whereas heconfflcth offoule andbodie, nexibil eïün thebodte which isfeene doth feriaeandobey, and the /oule which Ámbrof.deIn- is notfeene dothBeare rule and gouerne; and therefore man is au fi¡mr.virg.cap, nottobe foadmired for his be nie and outward parts, as 3.tom.r, for his fecret verrues, and hidden operations of his mind. Neither in truth doth the excellencieof the outward parts, which doechiefly intitle abeautie, confifl herein that they arebeautifull,which is onely their ornament,but in their fe- 'feral' offices and funélions, for which they were ordai- 1.Tim.:.Ho ned : as for example,this is not the excellencie of the eies, mil.4,in Mor. that they aregray or black, glancing or rolling, but that they excel' in the acutenes and vigour offeeing; it is notthe excellencieofthe note or Bare, that they areofthis, or that colour or farnion, but in their perfe&lion of hearing and lïuelling; nor ofthe hand that it hash a fineproportion, or whitecolour,but in that it is a readie and expert inflrument ofall our aclions; nor ofthe teeth tobe white and euen, but that theybe fit to prepare conuenient nourifhment for the flomacke ; in all which excellencies, the deformed and beautiful'exceed not oneanother,but are both equal!. But the worthlefileffe of this beautie which is feuered 4,Set1.6. fromvertue and truewifedome, may more plainelyappeareThe vaxitie of both by teflitnonies:and reafons. The wifefl among the fons beautie prooucd ofinen faith,that fauour is deceitfullandbeautieis vanitie,but by,:ellimoniu. aToman that feareth the Lord,fheJimabepraifed. And fuch ill harmonic he thinketh tobebetweene beautie and folly,that he iudgeth it as abfurdand ridiculous, to feea faire woman Prou.31.30. lacking difcretion,asaietvello oldina Winer f f f Diogenesa- compareth a beautifulibodie with euill conditions to a faire pud Lacrtium houfe,and abad inhabitant;andanother,to agoodBlip that devin.&mo- bath abad pilot.To whichpurpofe alto Chryfoflom faith,that rib.Philof he doth notfemuch recuire thebeautieofthe bodie,as thehone- Ifocrares. .solo pulchritu Erieofthe mind.Fer lbhat(faith he)is a beautifullwomau?apain- dinem esoporis, tedfeptelcher, vnleffe Jimhefober, chaff andmodeft; and bean- honeieatem tie Irithoutthefevertues4 anopengulph,andapoifoncomposa- menai der' for [toles todrixhe, &e. e/lnd therefore if thoufie*aman urlbameen beautifall,:dee.not admire them; for the loftieand I 4 flranS ruila.