Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

Beeutiefetteredfrosttrue vertue,i.r tobecontemned. I /3 littleand littlebrought it unto vs,till attained to theheight Flown decori: ofit perfeaion,doth then asflealingly take it away;neither fiagnli carl,nnt is it more pollible to preuent this decay ofbeautie, then to flop_the coudeoftime; for cum whilell it is admired and OCtauia. praifed,it fecretly fadeth &declineth. And though (through the flrength ofartandnature conîpiring together) it were pollible to preferue this beautie vetoold age; yet then be- hold the utter ruine of this faire building; for when age commeth it ploweth deepe furrowes in the moft beautiful! vifage,it changeth the colour,rotteth the tecth,tainteth the breath,wrinkleth the brow,bleerethand dimmeth the eyes, crookneth the backe,.writhleth the hands, fiifneth and la- meth:the ioynts,deaffeneth the eares,and tnaketh the voyce hoarfe and vnpleafant, which before was fweete and tu- nable. In aword,it worketh filch a change andalteration, thatifafter fome longdiflanceoftime,aman fhould behold his vifage in aglaffe, hewould kettle afiranger tohimfelfe, and fcarceacknowledge that he is (fill the owner ofthe fame bodie wherewith.formerlyhe was delighted. Or let it bee imagined that.througgh the extraordinarie vigour of nature, there doth.akindeofcomely beautie semaine euen in the elderage; yet remember what will become ofit in the next houre that death hath feazed vpon it, and hath thrufl the foule outofherpof effron,tillhis leafe alto be expired. Call tominds that the moll amiable face and countenance after two or three daies buriall,will bee fo vgly and deformed, that nonewould now more loath it, then chofe who before did moo admire it; and were it not priuiledgod with that only benefit offenfelefiies,andwant ofvnderflanding,felfe. horrour would make it breake open the prifon ofche graue, and caufe it to flriue by flight to efcape and auoide it owne lob 17.19. companie. And thushauelfhewed the worthleffevanitie and vn- 4.Seéï.to. profirablenes ofworldly beautie ; which ought to mouevs That ctntrm- to defpife and contemne it,as beingofno value, hen as it Wing tbit otit- isfettered from true godliineffe. And becaufc naturally weeémtiea"" are affedled with beautie, let vsturne the tdgeofour loue from this earthly trafh, to fpirituall and heauenly treafure, bed, fie ./tbe letting mirtde.-